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    where do external links do

    what is the external links? How do external links, where do external links do? What are the ways and channels of external links? Should pay attention to what matters? Since the 6 month external links to the work of some experience, and here we are in a share, hope to help. Webmaster or Shanghai NEW dragon.

    3, initiative to submit your site to link


    website internal links and external link for a web site is very important, attaches great importance to all the webmaster. Especially the external links to attract search engine spiders, improve website PR value, bring traffic, enhance the popularity of the website has an important role for the web site. So do the external links is important. Today let me simply talk about how to make the external links.

    1, Links


    external links also called reverse links or hyperlinks, from external sites (other sites) by tracing text links to our website links. All come from outside the link to our website are external links. The search engine, the equivalent number of other sites to vote for you. If you give more website weight higher, vote to vote, then the weight of your site will be higher. So do the link for enhancing site PR has a very important role.

    on the directory sites: refers to the classification by artificial methods, and these valuable resources were collected and organized according to the website of the theme, and then in the corresponding directory, thus forming a network.

    and other sites to exchange Links, on how to find other network exchange links, and how to exchange links, please see the explanation behind.

    channels or the way of external links

    new words we can put our site voluntarily submitted to love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, we allow them to the spider crawling our website. We can also submit website links to some web site navigation, directory sites and bookmark sites, websites, and bookmarking sites, such as love Shanghai, bookmarking websites such as: digg贵族宝贝; reddit贵族宝贝; stumbleupon贵族宝贝; Web site navigation, directory websites have a lot we can look to. Your links submitted.

    what is the external links

    released their own links include: Forum, blog, space, B2B platform, inquiry platform, can be submitted to other websites, we can through the forum signature, to forum posting, blog post, publish articles, blog, blog, space Links published articles, comment, to the B2B platform release of information…… The way to increase their external links.

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