• Analytical matters need to pay attention to the construction site within the chain

    content and the chain as a key site for the construction, and put a lot of effort on it. In fact, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience today, the chain construction site also can not be ignored. Do the station anchor text, and add some small buttons can greatly enhance the user experience degree, strengthen the construction of websites from the side years. However, the construction of the chain and the chain, there are steps and matters needing attention, the author will own experience for the construction in the chain that needs the attention of.

    3 secondary page chain set

    2 home chain set


    Now many webmaster to

    1 site navigation

    should say is "back to the top" and "subscribe button". Many readers when reading the page, often have to drag the mouse to the top, then "embedded" back on top "is a very human setting, can improve the user experience of the website. Then if your web site is useful to other readers, we also need to set the RSS subscription to bind their loyal fans.

    a web page is always have light weight, for some of the more important pages we must be to strengthen construction of the link, but the registration page, landing page, site description of the secondary page write we don’t have to spend too much energy. But in order to create a whole chain set, we still have to give more than these types of page a link on the home page, other pages on the website and the channel page do not need to go to another set, avoid weight dispersion. If the owners need to more than a few kinds >

    The first

    not only that, we also set the site map, let users have a clear understanding of our website structure, to increase the depth of their visit, make their point of view throughout the site, reduce the rate of jump out. This shows a successful website must have a good navigation system. To make your own website home page, the inside pages to have links, also can accumulate in site navigation settings, a page has a link is enough, this will also make your site structure clear, avoid the complex, because the chain repeat settings will lower your site weight.

    website homepage is generally had a relatively high weight, so in the corresponding position on the home page to set the page links in the us. Because of the general site, spiders crawl depth is limited, generally only grab 3-4 links on the home page, so we give some links to pages, so users can not only direct access to our main page, the spider is difficult in the short time we need to crawl to crawl content, thus increase the weight of the website. However, some owners will set the corresponding topics in their website, important content will be presented directly on the inside pages of the website home page, this method is feasible.

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