• A little about Shanghai Longfeng feelings

    2014-2015 – SEM (refers to the search engine PPC promotion) & Shanghai dragon

    about himself:

    memory can think vaguely linked and that time and the rise of group purchase website, the rise of micro-blog, we are concerned about. Especially micro-blog, then focuses on how to automatically add powder, can remember one day about 2000 fans of growth. Due to the forward-looking enough, it did not continue, otherwise how now is a large marketing, haha.

    far, said back. Simply things or to the good aspects of development, the middle will not go, finally registered the company shifted office. Shanghai Longfeng service content, ranking from do keywords into foreign trade, ha ha, yes, we all understand.

    2011-2013 – a baby Shanghai dragon

    2010 – Bob

    friends insist on only the noble baby let me feel very uncomfortable, but I have to say that his spirit so I really admire. When I left, he basically has a few pieces of business: 1, Shanghai dragon assistant software; 2, the flow of cooperation; 3, all >

    2011, met another friend from the friends, first time to contact the Shanghai dragon, the transition from Bob resolutely into a Shanghai dragon er.

    didn’t change what occupation law is, overall look at the fate, not ascend, much, feel a bit. Especially now work to the Shanghai dragon, a lot of problems encountered in the work, you want to complain.

    , my friend, is my boss, another friend (in studio), 3 person, Sanshiliangting room. The largest bedroom into the office, the desk is running two days back to fight on their own second-hand market, two small fashion. Noon in the village of a small restaurant to eat a lunch, at 6-8 a.m. + Red Bull I students liquor, a person does not drink, have now become addicted, and my friends to drink directly to gastric perforation (still drink). But no matter how frustrating, even to sleep at 4,5 a.m., is up to work at 8:30. That day may never forget it, we can make up the brain scene.

    2016 Shanghai dragon & flow (except SEM)

    two project types between entrepreneurship, the first industry to understand the failure, second times because of family reasons to give up.

    Shanghai Longfeng cake is very big, but the reality is not full of good. That time is the beginning of the keyword ranking service, for me, is to keep the hair of the chain. If it is now just contact Shanghai dragon friends, may be difficult to imagine the light chain can rely on manual ranking on the scene.


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