• Do 500 of the average monthly amount of consulting by using the third party platform

    classified information platform to do the most is 58 and go to the market, the two website information will have a contact telephone number, and then do a lot of practice when the effect is very good, that time is now basically can not be used as the title, keywords accumulation, the home repeat title and so on, the time to do it very easy, basically the next release of information about can love Shanghai home.

    actually work every day is boring, I do believe that most of the friends are doing, is nothing more than a Q & a platform for classified information platform, and forum. Because do not have their own website, so when the release of analysis, I don’t need to consider the link problem, because I don’t need. The Nanjing Shanghai dragon advisor Gu Xuxu details about the three platform is how to operate.

    Q & a platform The specific content of the work of

    3, xici.net platform maintenance

    2, classified information platform

    today I have to share is in a dance training company working experience, although I am only here for two months, but as the network engaged in the first job since the promotion, also very memorable, here I come into contact with the network promotion, learned how to use third party platform for effective for the promotion of the company.

    just entered the company, Gu Xuxu and most of the white, what all don’t understand, what is not, thankfully, met a good leader, from her, I learned a lot. I remember the beginning, she taught me how to write the title, how to find the article, how to false original, I have to say, here is the place of entry. Similarly, the work has a certain influence on my future work, because I am no longer superstitious Shanghai dragon.

    friends should not do the promotion of people do not know the West Temple in Nanjing, we play at this forum is also the most xici.net, also set up a discussion group, popularity is not very high, because of limited staff (promotion I alone), basically do not spend great efforts to maintain the effect the discussion group more is a window company of old members, like what are the company’s notice will be released on the inside, just update the article, some dance Related videos, photos etc..

    At the beginning of

    into the company



    was doing Q & a platform is love Shanghai and soso, mainly to love Shanghai, the daily workload of about 15 or so, only the keywords of Nanjing regional key species, and dance for example, "Nanjing ballet training" issues like this, plus some auxiliary words, "which so good. At that time, the effect is basically the type of dance in Nanjing all the training, quiz can find my release. Similar regional keywords such as it is not difficult to complete, easy to form, to the home page.

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