• Behind the scenes story of Papi sauce and Luo Ji ThinkingCar home Qin to the founder needs CEO

    quicker than words can tell. Soon we got an opportunity to invest in Papi sauce, with a total of 10%. Although we say in the ratio of 3/7 to vote, but in view of Ronaldo in the project’s major contribution — I don’t think Ronaldo’s grand plan, Papi sauce and her CEO Yang Ming may not be seen on it real fund, not to fund other bid 1/3 give us investment – in order to express the Ronaldo thanks I, for Ronaldo said: our two 5/5


    Li Xiang is the founder, Qin is airborne executives;

    , he said, "the car’s home is not my product, it’s my company.".

    , this is the Qin Dynasty in 2006, and I would never have thought of it. At that time, the returnees elite is still 265 of Cai Wensheng do COO. One day, he noticed that the 265 appeared in the "cool" bar called the car home site, do not how to do promotion, traffic is still very low, although it and 265 have a common investor, Xue manzi.


    who bought Papi shares of mind,

    yesterday, she starred in the "2016 China net red strongest voice" ushered in a turning point: Papi sauce and Luo thinking broke up. Although Luo Ji thought provided and organized the first round of Papi sauce amount of 12 million yuan financing, but today Papi sauce partner formally said:

    exactly. Why did the mind quit the shares of Papi sauce?

    said I regret, because I really want to get a little fatter! But, no kind of meaning, he said: Xu you say as many as 5% of us no problem! I refrain from tears and pretending to be happy said: Yeah, but he began to hate Cheers.

    | xiahong

    everyone is Founder, but the most missing is CEO. Qin Cheng, car home No. thirty-eighth employees, is now CEO.

    time to sign a contract, I was slow and don’t take off to say: if you think the share too much, feel the risk is big, really can.

    at that time, no one could have imagined Li Xiang and his car home, even if he had never been changed. At that time, the car home only 20 people, until the first half of 2007, but its revenue is only about 1000000 yuan. At that time, the industry humble website, in addition to the face of the three major portals to the influence of the brand resources have obvious advantages of the auto channel eroded, in vertical portals and competition on the hands of the Pacific, BITAUTO, etc. love card is horizontal in front of it can not be overlooked forces.

    this is reminiscent of the beginning of this year the "intimate", why just 7 months later, the two suddenly reversed script staged "break off"? Zhenge fund Xu Xiaoping, the author tells the story of the logic of thinking out the details of the story Papi sauce. The following is the Xu Xiaoping article:

    if no accident, car home will be within a year may be listed as a real "one billion dollar company": it has become the world’s most visited automotive website; nearly 1 billion yuan in revenue last year. An industry source told venture capital that its profits have surpassed any China Internet Corporation that landed in Wall Street in the past two years.

    Why did ?What are the status and prospects of

    in the era of everyone is Founder, from the car home of two men more than 10 years of age, interpretation of an incredible "base years."".


    early in 2016, I went to Luo thinking headquarters to visit Luo fat, talk about real fund and Luo Ji Thinking cooperation idea. Talked about one or two times, we have a decision: two joint search for outstanding entrepreneurial projects, according to the proportion of 3/7 to vote. Real fund is a professional investment institution, of course, take 7.

    motor home is the second web site Li Xiang launched in 2005. Prior to this, his bubble network has been doing 5 years, barely ranked into the industry’s top three. Li Xiang started talking to Zhou Hongyi when he started his car home. Zhou Hongyi poured a cold water on Li Xiang: "bubble net has done so many years, you are ranked only third in the profession.". So, you have to put the car home made China first in the short term, it is the lack of sufficient compelling drama.


    Papi sauce?

    at the same time, after the formation of logical thinking, the vacancy will be made by Xu Xiaoping’s real fund.

    Li Xiang used to be "boss", and Qin is now "boss"".

    Qin Cheng said, "the car home, this site is not my product,

    has been unconscious for more than 1 years, and she is still the woman who combines beauty with talent".


    wants to know the behind the scenes story of Ronaldo, Xu Pang and Papi sauce, and allow me to start over.

    grassroots, youth, interest >


    Luo thinking officially quit Papi sauce this project, the amount of investment before all, the original refund.

    founder needs CEO

    Li Xiang is a grassroots, Qin Dynasty is an elite of returnees;

    ‘s mind give up Papi sauce

    but the car’s home, this company is my product."


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