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    now in the Chinese society, people, dragons and fishes jumbled together, "Men at their birth good in nature" conclusion, is a question marks. When you are first in touch with your own interests, be sure to keep your mind in mind.

    character is the first prerequisite for cooperation between the two sides. For the character of the judge, everyone has their own methods and standards, I am not in this Overgeneralization, only emphasize the 2 point many people ignore the details.


    good character,

    , author of the paper, Sha Zi pseudonym, iOS applied reverse engineering, author of the book. In January 2015, he technology partner business, do a Internet plus real estate projects, to the owners and intermediaries to provide a SaaS application that will help them part of their daily work with more scientific and technological means, improve work efficiency.

    .The concept of

    The example of

    Selection of

    in late June 2016, that is, 18 months later, because the core team in product development, corporate planning, partnership concept differences, the end of the end of this entrepreneurial spirit sand club. At the same time, he also from this experience, summed up the 10 articles, the author elaborated to find people, find the money, looking for direction, build the enterprise culture and other aspects. The following is a replay from someone and change the angle.

    comes from an event held by a former company where everyone needs to talk about his "culture of engineers"

    the introduction:

    is a non internet industry predecessors told me so many words, like: "you are free thinking Internet innovation, open sharing is an absolute advantage in the professional field, and in the capital operation, the arena is perhaps the traditional code of conduct huge short board." As time went on, I became more and more aware of the profound insight in this sentence.

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    , what kind of business partner is reliable? I think there are 4 main points that need to be investigated.

    image is very simple, but too "zhe", the feeling is not down to earth. I use an example as negative examples, let you feel what is called three. Note: the following scenarios apply to all members of the early core team, not just the partners.

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    ———————- reminder developing

    The three

    there is a saying, called "small companies do things, big companies behave", entrepreneurship, of course, belongs to the former. Need to be reminded that, for those who come from big companies, the level of their own business, but did well, we must understand that their success is not because of too much "life" of the results. People’s energy is limited. If you put your time in "life", you will have no time to do anything. There is no right or wrong, but this kind of person is not suitable for participating in the enterprise.


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