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    why does the U. S. shoot grow so fast? Chen Jie shared 3 insights:

    on January 23rd, I came to Xiamen, a place with a strong atmosphere of literature and art, to attend the opening day of mito. At the conference site, Chen Jie, vice president of the company, revealed a key piece of data:

    in May 8, 2014, the United States on the line, in January 21, 2015, the amount of users reached 100 million, spent 9 months. In contrast, Instagram took 2 years and 5 months from 0 to 100 million users, micro channel from 0 to 100 million users in 1 years and 2 months.

    is on the stage, "Chen Jie said confidently." beauty is probably the fastest growing short video community." Currently, the number of video uploads to the United States, 200 million, upload 950 thousand, about 30000000 monthly active users, 5 million active users, the average length of stay for 15 minutes.


    early personal website to flow for profit, understand, for this also wrote a "flow is king" book, it can be said that when the webmaster almost one hand. Personal websites are now profitable in a variety of ways, such as personal blogs, personal forums, and Taobao. Marketing is full of tricks, such as Forum promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog promotion, classification information promotion, e-mail, , SEO, mass information and news promotion, SEM, all the webmaster is already known, Wurenbuxiao, he more or less used inside some promotion way. However, according to authoritative statistics, the average income of China’s webmaster is less than 500 yuan. You and I may be among them, so it is very likely to be eliminated by internet.

    in the future, enter this threshold requirements and costs are also getting lower and lower, and competition is also increasing. No matter how many years later, to survive and develop, must be those who can create valuable information to the Internet after personal adsense.

    go to utilitarian heart. Chen Jie said, from the beginning of the regulation, the United States can not be in the social media consumption star, that is afraid of stars have the burden of promotion." Therefore, the star can beat the United States in the community, "can let the stars play happily in the community, such as Faye Wong, very love film in the United States took their own private life video community; such as Huang Zitao, micro-blog fans is 4 million 890 thousand, but the United States took fans amount to 18 million.

    enables user self propagation. Short video effects by 1. MV like, meet the sense of achievement, to stimulate sharing mechanism; sharing 2. built-in, allowing users to take the first step to share; 3. topics initiated activities, improve the user’s sense of participation, to the point, there are 21 micro-blog read broken billion activities;

    "webmaster", I believe many years ago, this name has been sought after by many people. Now the Internet hype has become quarrel, the Internet bigwigs are participants in the homely food, the war has become the major network media headlines, various media have broadcast the reprint, the result of speculation is a win-win situation. And in front of the Internet hot news, grassroots Adsense are only spectators, lively stage, can not find the grassroots webmaster figure. A series of accidents and policy reasons, the network enclosure movement has been the major Internet bigwigs, let hundreds of thousands of personal websites disappeared, the ideal is good, but the reality is cruel, income is the hard truth, no ideal income are empty. Under severe pressure, so that many did not make money grassroots Adsense from line to line, leave grassroots Adsense industry, into the industrial force.

    plus Internet training is becoming more and more common, the network is increasingly becoming a part of people’s life, just a novice can use some open source program to build a powerful web site, even a lot of famous enterprises, the team also with open source website, such as long net station A5, is built by the famous discuz. At the beginning of the open source program, a large number of young millionaires have been created, but few have made much money on personal websites now.

    Wu Xinhong after the FAQ link to supplement, video source is divided into UGC ordinary users contribute content and PGC expert contribution content. From the video quality point of view, PGC out of the video will be more sophisticated, but the content from the UGC, although not so sophisticated, but more vitality, communication force. He said, "between PGC and UGC, I will focus more on the latter."

    gives users the lead. Do the same with a short video, Sina micro second shot, compared to the micro film and other products, the United States took more users to express themselves, let users from the audience to become the protagonist;

    can survive and sustainable and stable development of personal website exactly is what person? The next few years? Can I venture to predict that the rich webmaster, must have an area of expertise, especially familiar with a field, the field to understand the user needs in this field and provide valuable and help the information of the individual owners, or cooperation in various fields find personal webmaster. For example, in A5, is known as the webmaster needs to establish a complete network marketing training system, to help owners to solve all kinds of knowledge, such as website promotion, website SEO cooperation and other needs, is a good model.

    I used to play video, and the final effects of the short video were impressive.

    Beauty Club

    from the speed of development, the United States is undoubtedly a pat phenomenon class products.

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