• Zuo Mingyan Yes, CN intends to allow individual registration to talk about individual opinions

    through an Internet storm blowing up the vast majority of small owners, so that some people have to buy foreign or international domain name domain name and the website transferred abroad to escape the storm, it can be said in this regulation, a huge impact on the Internet Chinese, launched some column policies, regulate the Internet market although, in this process, some measures are improper, but I think if the government has the determination, confidence and Chinese webmaster users have to obey the overall situation, I think the Internet will be more and more China specification. In the "white list system pioneered by the Ministry of industry, did not record the domain name cannot access" I introduced the development of the Internet Storm, CNNIC launched a domain name for the record, then the "CN fate has been unclear, allowing individuals to hold the old domain" describes the CNNIC CN CN allows individuals to hold the old domain name, but the need to provide detailed personal information, it also shows that CNNIC does not ignore China Internet webmaster, just beginning to implement the policy across the board, so affected countless innocent little webmaster. But as the remediation draws to a close, CNNIC is beginning to reposition the future of CN. According to the latest news, according to the requirements of the competent authorities, CNNIC is drafting and drafting registration management programs that allow individuals to register domain names. CNNIC said that the current individual has been able to hold domain names, and the formal registration of individuals has a domain name policy timetable for the introduction has not yet been determined.

    in fact, the policy is becoming increasingly clear.

    CN promotion has secured countless webmaster


    is still CN, promotional advertising to see the most conspicuous in some Adsense station or on the IDC website, then CN is really very tempting, 1 yuan 1 CN, compared with the COM domain name registration and use cost is low, there are a lot of has a certain value of the domain name registration, the a lot of growers and users of personal choice. According to relevant information, as of the end of 2008, CN domain name registration volume reached 13 million 570 thousand, ranking first in the world’s largest national top-level domain name. At the same time, the number of sites under the CN domain name accounted for 77% of the total number of domestic websites. Because CN uses cost less than other domain name, also once used by some criminals. Has brought about the disadvantageous development to the entire internet.

    With the

    a small station remediation activities

    after an Internet Storm, woke up most of the small webmaster, so these people have to buy international domain names or foreign domain names, and the site transferred to foreign countries to escape the storm. In fact, this is a question, Chinese Internet not only at the peak of the development, but also the growth of the Internet, the Internet China system is not perfect, no effective supervision measures, many criminals using the Internet and legal loopholes to earn money. China’s Internet will be full of uncertainty in the future for a long time to come, the confusion of management and the urgent needs of Internet laws and regulations.

    The day before the release of the CNNIC

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