• Vertical electricity providers are seen how to survive the United States down

    Where is the way out of

    vertical electric

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    vertical electric way out where

    ?There are two forces

    electricity supplier on the battlefield, while the partial upper side, focus on sub areas, pay attention to "professional and category vertical drilling", the other side is the tentacles spread of infinite field, linger staggered, "mercenary" comprehensive electricity supplier, two kinds of concept of fighting continued, but the results are presented in a one-sided the way. The sale of red child Su Ning, Mcglaughlin gradually withered, every guest is undergoing transformation of the storm, once more a large number of stars such as cotton, poly mesh products, carved out of people’s vision. In the face of comprehensive electricity supplier step by step, vertical whether there are way out


    model of war industry look bad vertical electric

    day Cat ten brilliant advertised data, when the media are looking forward to the Jingdong, Suning, Amazon announced the sales data, we have long been vertical aside. Le Amoy net CEO Bi Sheng pointed out sharply that "the vertical purchase and sale of e-commerce is a scam", this view has been affirmed by many people in the industry.

    Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said, vertical electricity supplier, only vertical brands can survive, not its electronic business platform valuable, but brand valuable. Vertical retail platforms must die, and of course they can be sold." Happy to buy CEO, Li Shubin think, from the user’s point of view, users expect good service, so they do not need so many shopping sites, they need a category level Web site. Yi Kai capital CEO Wang Ran although given a different answer, but its core significance is to look at the development of vertical vertical electricity supplier. He believes that the vertical retail platform must die, but only for the mass market vertical platform, for a specific population, distinctive features, and services in place of the vertical platform is still likely to survive. However, the current mainstream vertical electricity supplier should not meet the specific population, distinctive features of the positioning.

    traffic is the vertical class electricity providers are almost in the face of problems, and its common solution is to enter the major integrated electricity supplier giant open platform. In Li Shubin’s eyes, cooperation with the open platform can bring traffic and orders, but also lower costs. So, from now on, it’s good for both sides to choose cooperation. According to media reports, wine vertical electricity supplier brewmaster network and Tmall platform cooperation, the distribution platform for its revenue has accounted for 1/4 of the annual sales target. For the vertical electricity supplier, with comprehensive electricity supplier platform to promote their own brand, although the last ditch, but the model has merits of self-evident.

    vertical electricity supplier why fighting but comprehensive electricity supplier?

    first, for retail, to complete the transaction needs to have enough traffic, whether this is online or offline things are the same, the line is about "lots" is essentially a stream of people, selected the location will be doomed to a lot of natural flow. In addition to relying on the brand effect on the line, you also need to search engines >

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