• Sue embarrassed to let you in the forum to promote the active user name

    in the promotion of a project is the promotion of forum, what is the promotion of forum? BBS promotion forum is to promote the "forum for enterprises to use this kind of network communication platform, release enterprise products and services through text, pictures, video and other forms of information, so as to make the target customers better understand the company’s products and services. Finally, to achieve enterprise propaganda enterprise brand, deepen the market awareness of network marketing activities, that is, BBS promotion. It is not difficult to find that in a good forum, only a few people will have a very hot post. Can be counted on one’s fingers。 So when you browse the posts without a certain amount, then we talk about the promotion effect! In a few days before the owners meeting, several well-known chiefs are said by micro-blog is an opportunity, so if you don’t have to use this opportunity to you


    is in the phpwind competition, so I have to write about how to carry out effective promotion to promote efficiency in the phpwind forum! Let your username "active", the two words are not active! That is in vain. It’s easy to see that there are several famous user numbers here. List one or two: Management: (bone, Rick, millet residue (Mount Lu) moderator night guest funny Maple peach) membership (although not group, Admin5, GA, cat) when you have a certain visibility when what you do or what the project will have an inherent advantage in the Internet industry in the US! Can be cited: Master Guo Jijun, Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong famous blog promotion experts.

    so how do you make your forum ID famous?.

    first and ID features,

    First we look at the three

    ID, the head of the features, although not group, Admin5, GA, cat two Chinese, a English. When creating the ID number, I suggest creating Chinese, which has some advantages. When you create an English account, you need to keep it in mind for the first time.

    from the image we can clearly see the three account picture has its own unique characteristics! In front of two at first glance can let everybody remember this picture, third picture is Admin5 recently made changes now changed to IDC advertising. That’s also good for his IDC promotion,


    second, posting features

    1, we can see, although not group of pre post, are saying some SEO posts. And many of them are original. According to their own experience to share with you, still in the foreign station to find some good resources, translation to share with you, in some well-known station reproduced some pictures and classical articles. And often assist management to do some SEO activities at that time almost every top posts.

    2, you can see the cat in the post a lot of information, and the post section is very wide, there are many with the exchange, and often want to say some of my original words! My topic posts at that time almost every top.


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