• Stationmaster, please don’t be a onlooker

    now webmasters know that A5 has many good articles, so sometimes the purpose of A5 is to learn and communicate.

    this is good for novice webmaster, because in A5 can really learn a lot of things, I am one of the beneficiaries. But growing up here in the old webmaster will often make such a mistake, take a look at this article is well written, see the article writing is good, but it is just not thinking to do, finally put themselves into a spectator webmaster.

    everyone in the webmaster circle mixed for a long time, will find the webmaster is not easy. A lot of work to do. Today, see a website nine steps, according to nine steps, tomorrow see a web site five rules, according to the rules. All day, in accordance with other people’s thinking, the effect is not good, I am still very tired. To the webmaster compatriots a word, others may not be suitable for yourself. Look at the degree, choose the right one, and stick to it. It is good to be good for yourself, do not follow blindly.

    since others can write good articles according to their own experience or find out, let others watch. Then you as a webmaster, you can also write good articles according to your experience, for reference. Do not be afraid of right or wrong, everyone’s view is different, experience is not the same, written out of course, will not be the same.

    writing articles can both exercise their writing ability, and lay the foundation for soft marketing. At the same time, you can get a certain amount of browsing, increase popularity, and also add fresh blood to A5. One, Lirenliji, Why not?.

    well, move to say these, I hope to help the webmaster. Reprinted please note: move original.

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