• Seven steps to a garbage station

    1, select topics. The selection of the theme is half done, so this step must be carefully considered. The main factors are as follows: hot index, the number and development of such topics, the possible GGAD price of the topic and the content source of the website. If you find a popular search term, the entry site and rarely, and the GGAD price is relatively high, then quickly get started, do not hesitate, but Chinese to the development of the Internet now, such opportunities are rare.

    2, selection procedure. Now the CMS program, blog program is more, the choice is great. PHP’s dedecms, Empire, ASP’s mobile, new cloud and so on are relatively good, easy to use and easy to optimize, and if you feel too cumbersome to use CMS, you can consider using the blog program, z_blog is a good choice. The selection process has two main factors: ease of use, ease of optimization, and web templates.

    3, spatial choice. No good cheap goods, the website to choose a good reputation, stable and fast space for you is of great help, the best monthly payment.

    4, website planning. Including the site of the title, keywords, description and classification of the column and the website directory structure, this step is time-consuming, when planning to take all the factors to consider, the station I spent a week to plan, title, keywords etc. I am sure good hadn’t changed. Mature considerations can save yourself a lot of trouble, Baidu is not love a website frequently changing. Of course, to be a perfectionist is not good. If you don’t know much about this kind of website, you can only make a preliminary plan and gradually perfect it in the process of building a website.

    5, add content. Site planning is completed, you can add content, the best add, I have seen a lot of collection sites included is very good, but they are a feature of the chain is very powerful, it is difficult to do a new station. The first and ten or twenty articles, and then every update, as far as possible the original or false original, about half a month later, Baidu included, then continue to update, the website weight will gradually increase, the flow will slowly come, web content can go to some places like looking for the forum.

    6, the chain accumulation. Do Links and others, the best content, each website Baidu must collect good and often update, link name should be your keywords, only by Links nature is not enough, you can use your imagination, can link up all over the place, such as forums, blogs, message etc.. The chain is not perfection, should be gradual, step by step, if someone is using JS to call the chain, don’t waste time.

    7, ad placement. A little traffic can put advertising code, garbage stations do more GGAD, for some of the theme of the site, Ali mother is also good, but also do a variety of other alliances, advertising is not the most

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