• Do stand 7 day P1400 search engine included normal

    wrote articles for the first time, just to share the experience. I am not good at writing, please forgive me. My domain name is registered last year, has been idle where, because the work is busy no time to do stand! Finally quit your job, rest for a period of time, begin to do, what didn’t the good project, very empty on the Internet every day, and finally the big hand registered corn meters. Still use the original corn /

    well into the topic I do is a movie screen with maxcms all sources are used in Youku’s friends said is not clear enough, I have all replaced P2P Qvod. Third days landing site, a look at statistics, I was shocked to see a lot of IP1000, only 50 yesterday. Today, I’ll find the reason for jumping to 1000. This is the original, I told a < post on the Qvod Forum; part of the movie website holds the QVOD (user thread Collection) 123456. 23 a82071900 2007-7-1 440 / 477829 is the post, bring a lot of traffic to me, then the search engine also quickly collected my site


    1 more in other forums to publish their own web site to lead spiders, preferably in Popular Posts published;

    2 early, it is best not to add too much advertising on the site, plus a little public service ads, so that visitors and search engines are good;

    3 every day in search engines search their domain name, let search engine notice their website;

    4 website try not to change the layout of the page, update the content regularly;

    5 gives web site production sitemap.. To GG submission


    address is http://s.google.com/webmaster

    GG will be included in the site than Baidu,

    6 meta keywords description website keyword tag on header description, then to find some health content sites and their exchange connection. This is what I’ve learned. It’s ninth days to be a station.

    below is the statistics for my website,


    the same day PV6361

    day independent visitor 1570

    IP 1462

    on the same day


    yesterday, PV6401

    yesterday, independent visitor 1495<>

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