• A grass-roots webmaster on the network recruitment self-examination record, high-end is a pseudo pro


    with the development of the times, the Internet plays a more and more important role in our public life. The Internet has been recognized by the public as a more service oriented attitude and has become an integral part of public life. A lot of people in the job search process will choose through the network channels, and this also makes many want to start a business friend saw "business opportunity"". Many friends choose to enter the online recruitment market as the first stop of their own business. But is the online recruitment industry really as good as you think


    why are so many grassroots obsessed with recruiting


    network recruitment has a very strong convenience, why do you say so? It breaks the shackles of time and space, in a more efficient way to make the whole information match. For example, an enterprise needs to find a staff recruitment, it can release a message on the website in the network, say it’s clear requirements and its treatment, and to find the work of friends can also filter their interested information above, and then to match the information, as long as reasonable, as the two party find the object as a person find the suitable. While the network for time and space constraints greatly reduced. With this advantage, more and more enterprises regard Internet recruitment as a big channel for their recruitment, and many job seekers regard it as a big channel. Market prospects are good, you can say that this is a major reason for entrepreneurs to choose this industry, but also a more important reason. At the same time, the establishment of such a network of recruitment company, compared to other start-ups, this is a relatively low cost of entrepreneurship. Why do you say so? In this process, what entrepreneurs want to do is to set up such a network information platform, at the same time to collect information and perfect information. It has less input for other inputs and thus can control costs. For start-up friends, this is clearly an attractive entrepreneurial choice.

    therefore, we can see more and more grassroots webmaster think he has certain connections, he hastily began his recruitment, entrepreneurial journey. But is it as simple as we think? I guess not.

    market saturation difficult for new sites to survive

    and do not say that the more well-known Zhaopin, 51job and other large network of recruitment company, is a relatively small number of similar types of companies are also many, you can say that this is a relatively saturated market. Vector buying that if you want to get a slice of it, be sure to make your own features. And the characteristics of such a more standardized market is a more difficult point. At the same time, according to the characteristics of China’s labor market and the characteristics of Chinese workers to optimize, this is not a junior entrepreneur can do, but need an industry to optimize and perfect.

    new site difficult to find marketing point

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