• Whether new webmaster or old webmaster, you qualified

    maybe you’ve been in the Internet business for years, maybe you’re just a newcomer to this industry, but why do you always share your own experience when you share your experience?

    I want to

    as a IT staff, we must first learn to respect others, others take their experience to share, should not get a little praise, if you think you can write a good article, why don’t you write? Do not want to share their experience? Perhaps because there is no share the spirit, so also led to many owners behind closed doors, without a single success.

    maybe others are writing some soft text, but the soft has quality, because they write their own experience, to introduce their valuable experience to you, can’t you get some returns?

    comment on others, can put forward some deficiencies, rather than the poor, without reference to learning something, is really like this? Maybe not what to you, but to others? It is not understood. Then I’ll talk to you about the video chat industry I’m working on. Can you listen to me? No contact is definitely not clear. Only people who have been in touch with each other will have some experience.

    did not want to deny the comments of the rights, but everyone is standing, share the experience has been very easy, the others how to say is not good, I think it is not too much, if everyone shared in attacking the experience of others, I think there are a few webmaster willing to share their experience at the same time, but also by others against


    copyright, the Fox network (http://s.inwho.com) wave of original, welcome to reprint, please keep this information, such as deletion, declined to reprint.

    would like all webmaster friends to share more of their experience, even if you do not want to share their experience, please do not easily attack other people’s share.

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