• Want to improve website income, AdSense or do not change frequently is better

    do GG also some days, big money did not earn, small money or earn a little. Today talk about their own site on the road some of the relevant GG experience, for novices to make a reference. Of course, today is for those who rely on GG for the owners of health, those who play brands, sell monthly advertising, and commodity sites are not discussed here.

    as a webmaster, always want to own site at a high back, the best point of a get a 10 dollar, oh, there is no such possibility, at least in the Chinese station should be rare, or not at all, but in the English station is possible, what is the so-called the CTR is of course better, the premise is will not be the case of K, but the two are not satisfactory, not the click rate is too low, the price is low when there are too many webmaster every day in search of their own methods of how to improve their own price, online about how to increase the unit price and the click rate is article but let one you meet the eye everywhere, open look at the time, the fact that you’re all that a few articles were reproduced in different versions of it, also for the sake of the hearts of two A purpose, most of the webmaster also began the GG advertising adjustment trip, heartbreaking in this remind, please be careful with.


    this site (http://s.jianfeifangfa.net) at the beginning of the price can also, since online see the so-called price increase website post, began to stop the transformation of advertising position and color or even different advertising style and size, tries to find an increase the price the best advertising display mode. But every second days to replace GG, refresh, and did not see much change, from A to Z tried side, when he was found in the site become dejected and despondent, traffic is not the lower income gradually less, had to put advertising style into the memory of the touch, but not save income reduced day by day trend, toss in a circle not only improve the unit price of each but as before, has been wandering in a minute or so, so that you don’t understand is What has been transferred to the original model, but the unit price of the advertisement can not be returned to the original time? Let me ponder deeply.

    in this matter, let me understand the offer price is not like the so-called Internet transform a so-called advertising position even the color style is so simple, the most important determinants of price is the type and content of your website, the website of different types of price is different, this is that is why there are too many stations in English site has been transferred to the goal, obviously English GG than Chinese on the GG website advertising price is much higher, GG is said to have some preferential period of the new station, that is to say the new beginning, GG can give you a good match to advertising. It is the high cost of advertising, theory is to take care of the new user station, if this statement is correct, then the site GG price decreased innocent is understandable, so when the site input and reduce the price Even though >

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