• Some thoughts on website construction

    I want to have people here have their own needs, many design and technical personnel to help customers build the mall site, there is some hope to establish their own store, through their own efforts to do it yourself, save the cost. I think there is no free lunch, the so-called free is a price to pay, it is time, but time is more important than money, especially now that the age of the Internet, if you spend a lot of time in order to build a website, but missed the best opportunity, it will be too late!

    we see innumerable online shopping mall today, are free of charge. In the end, choose what kind of, you will hesitate to look at a long time, after all, each has some advantages. But many in fact for the real application of the mall, in my opinion is chicken ribs, these functions so that the operator itself does not have the thought and planning of their own, the operator moved to the system planning and good function to do marketing, this is not a good thing, each store are the same, we also how to innovate and breakthrough.

    I want to be an independent mall myself, and here I am. But in the system installation, configuration space, etc. some chores spend too much time, I found a lot of friends to help customers will not use their website, to explore the long time to understand. In addition to the pursuit of the template is all not too persistent, personality is good, but not too, customers really care about is the property of the product itself, not your website is good, good again and no inner things are flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. This is a problem many companies fan, are said to operate the site, but it has been in the web interface on revising, today think of a modified one, tomorrow to see which website beautiful and a change, no do practical things, abandoned the website promotion and product channels and marketing etc. in the course of time, the website will collapse.

    for the mall system, I am still more optimistic about the ECSHOP, in addition, completely open source also gives developers benefit. For a mall system, the interface is based on enough, the back can do the details of the adjustment according to the actual situation in the operation, please put emphasis on how to promote the mall concerned, the promotion of effective there, why users do not buy, the price is high, or the relevant documents missing no, how to establish credibility, reputation and other issues. Don’t mess with the web site, it’s just a tool to help you achieve your ideal, and the rest is up to you.

    you can find help to build the site services team, not recommended to build start complex, affecting the entire site on-line schedule is space, we need the domain name, website platform, basic interface. After you’ve prepared, you can start running and promoting your website in accordance with your plan. Remember, don’t dwell on the interface and waste your time. Recommend a quick opening site service: www.twohours.cn interested friends can go to see.

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