• What is the location of the dessert store

    is a delicious dessert we a lot of people can not refuse the temptation, not only children, adults also love the taste of the dessert, open the dessert shop a lot, want to make our shop better, more consumers, so shop location will be better able to put on the agenda, to join us in operation dessert shop, shop location is a key problem very well, because we are in the shop when you want to choose more shops of their own to do a proper address is really key. So when we open dessert chain stores, how to better shop location?.

    1, the site should be forward-looking

    a lot of people like to choose the location of the shop to choose the golden section, but China’s network of food and beverage experts say not all of the prime locations are suitable for shop. With the changes in municipal planning, some popular places will become unpopular places, some of the development is also a lot of the possibility of flourishing. Instead of being chosen by the business is now optimistic about the location of the store business, it is better to choose the near future by the cold hot streets or urban.

    2, the location of the passenger flow to focus

    do catering business, especially the snack bar, the successful experience is: choose the potential of the lot. The snack shop can be considered in three aspects, one is the real street, at least I should be the alley; two is the office centralized place; three is a more concentrated residential areas. Of course, the three are concentrated in a better place.

    3, store rent price to be appropriate

    different locations, different structures of the store, the monthly rent will be very different, investors can not just look at the store’s absolute price, but also should consider the rent price.

    4, to choose the advertising space store

    some stores do not have an independent facade, the front door of the natural loss of independent advertising space, but also makes you lose the space in front of the shop to carry out marketing activities. So, the snack bar to try to choose a store advertising space in the site after the day, in order to better carry out the marketing work, attract more tourists.

    The first step is to choose the

    venture project, the second is to choose a good location, location looks simple, is also very troublesome, it is necessary to do a lot of attention, shop location is the key problem is, we in the daily operation dessert to join, also can better shop location work and because we want more customers to shop, shop, shop location is so very important. So we must choose the address.

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