• Seven years to join the venture to do business on the one hundred day braised chicken rice hot

    is now home of the fast food industry can be said to be a great market in the industry, at the same time in the market which have also appeared a lot of fast food brands, including braised chicken Steamed Rice is a good brand.

    The person in charge shall be

    through the field to understand, Mr. Qi of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice has a more profound understanding of, the original, this is a 68 year history of the traditional delicacy in Shandong, Mr. Ceng Qingxiang left the mainland to Taiwan, because miss home braised chicken flavor, a yellow chicken stew with Steamed Rice peculiar combination. This is Zeng braised chicken Steamed Rice. It is not only bright color, aroma overflowing, rich soup, but also has the effect of replenishing qi and harmonizing the five internal organs, set food and health functions as a whole, the market outlook is very impressive.


    business within one hundred days, Mr. Qi not only to recover the entire investment.

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