• What attract customers during the opening of the dumpling shop

    New Year approaching, I believe that many families will be busy making dumplings during the Spring Festival, in fact people for liking dumplings general stores to open a dumpling business is actually very simple, the market profit space is also great, this is a good business projects. So how do you join your customers in the opening of the dumpling store?

    . The attractive features of food

    is featured on the basis of quality assurance. For example, Huimei dumplings dumplings are crescent shaped dumplings with exquisite appearance, and the market of ordinary dumplings are not the same, can be the first time to catch people’s attention, but left a deep impression. Dumplings and rich varieties, in addition to the common varieties of dumplings, corn and pork, pickled pork, Boiled dumplings cabbage in Boiled dumplings, Boiled dumplings boutique boutique fish Boiled dumplings and other characteristics of Boiled dumplings, can continue to attract customers into the store.

    Quality of service

    * positive publicity

    on the market a variety of restaurants are too many to count, "wine is also afraid of deep alley, so you can publicize their store is an important step to attract customers in the opening period. Dumplings to join the owner, you can use a variety of promotional methods for publicity, rather than just limited to hair promotional materials.

    * to attract customers preferential


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