• Wilderness Lodge Construction Update

    first_imgThere is a bit of the construction fencing visible even from center rooms in the main lodge. The log-cabin building to the left of the umbrellas in the photo below is the bar at the main pool.Other than the side of the main Lodge nearest the villas, the rest of the resort is undisturbed. Below is a photo of the main pool taken the same morning as these other photos. No evidence of work here.Each room with a construction view received a commemorative pin set as a thank you.Work is expected to continue throughout 2016. Share This!Within the past week, I stayed in two different rooms in the Wilderness Lodge Villas at Walt Disney World. Prior to the stay, we received intense warnings and apologies from Disney that our enjoyment of the resort would be extremely disrupted (three different personal phone calls and two letters). While there is indeed lots of construction going on, I found things to be contained and well managed. We had been promised that all construction noise would happen between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., which was adhered to quite carefully. I even watched while a tractor driver was scolded at 8:45 a.m. to turn off his engine for 15 more minutes.If I had been a first time visitor to the Lodge, I might have been disappointed, but as a frequent guest and Wilderness Lodge DVC owner, I was fascinated with the process.As a point of reference, here is the Google Maps earth view of the area prior to the construction. The blue at the center was the Villas pool. The small green rectangle near the beach at top right is the bike and boat rental building.Here’s what that area looks like now from a 5th floor Villas room. The trees and Villas pool are completely gone. The only structure remaining is the green-roofed bike and boat barn.You can see in pano that the construction wraps all along the beach side of the Villas.Peeking through the construction fence: this digger is approximately where the pool used to be.A view of the bike rental building.The new playground equipment is no longer fully upright. The left most support posts are all out of place.There is high fencing around the entire perimeter of the construction. It’s a lot, but they seem to be doing their best to keep things clean.last_img

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