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    first_imgOur HR Twitter advocate, Steve Browne, was still on a high after being the guest host for #Nextchat this week.  He wants to encourage other HR pros to get on Twitter and participate in various chats like #NextChat. SHRM We Know Next wanted to let you know about a unique forum for HR pros that Steve runs called The HR Net.  Each week, in his e-mail newsletter, Steve writes HR song parodies of popular songs, and this week he created one for #Nextchat.  Let’s listen in . . . (Sung to the phenomenal “Shattered” by The Rolling Stones)” Chatters, chatters   People share their thoughts through streams  Typing out their many Tweets    Won’t you join? It does matter !!  Be a chatter !! Chatter.  Friends do all the sharing   Their knowledge they’re comparing You learn more with every Tweet, it’s simple   HR folks make these chats shine     (Shadoobie, Chatters) So much traffic, lots of action – Chatters !!  Doing these will bring success    And give your role much more context Won’t you join me?  I’m a chatter !!   I’m a chatter !! “Steve Browne’s newsletter and website are valuable resources for human resources professionals as they help bring the HR community together to learn, share and network.  You’ll see you can post (and answer) HR questions and events, as well as get other resources to use in your HR role.  It’s an e-mail you’ll look forward to receiving — and sharing — each week. If you’d like to be part of this community and receive The HR Net each week, please click here, or email Steve directly at [email protected]last_img

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