• Big Data: Despite Difficulty in Getting Started, Organizations See Great Value

    first_imgThat’s not to say that the 90+ other organizations that haven’t implemented big data projects aren’t thinking of doing so. 64 percent have said that they’ve drawn up plans for using big data technology and 44 percent of companies say that they are trying to recruit staff members with big data skills.Similarly, a report by IDG Enterprise finds that 44 percent of the companies surveyed have set up plans for big data projects. Almost the same number, 42 percent, are actively recruiting data scientists and others with big data skills.Organizations are seeing the importance and benefits of big data technology. 80 percent of executives agree with the statement that “if we could harness all our data, we’d be a much stronger company,” and 75 percent of executives think that data is one of their company’s most valuable assets, according to CompTIA.Lisa Kart, research director at Gartner, said that “the hype around big data continues to drive increased investment and attention, but there is real substance behind the hype… The fact [is] that organizations across industries and geographies see ‘opportunity’ and real business value rather than the ‘smoke and mirrors’ with which hypes usually come.” Twice as likely to be in the top 25 percent of financial performers for their industryThree times more likely to execute decisions as intendedFive times more likely to make decisions faster While there has been much hype about Big Data, a report by Gartner finds that less than 8 percent of 720 organizations that they track globally have actually taken their big data projects beyond just planning or discussion stages.Similarly, a report by Bain found that only 4 percent of companies have expertise in analytics and have successful in implementing Big Data projects. The report found that it’s hard for organizations to find the right people, tools and data sets that they can bring together to create successful results. But this elite 4 percent has reaped benefits from their success with analytics that include:last_img

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