• Hongkong will further strengthen cooperation with the mainland innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Although Hongkong is a part of

    Chinese, however, because for a long time the culture is different, leading to the entrepreneurial environment will have a great difference, so, under the environment of national entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Hongkong and the mainland is natural in greater development. In August 16th, the eleventh meeting of the mainland and Hongkong science and Technology Cooperation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "cooperation committee") was held in Guizhou, Guiyang.

    cooperation committee chairman, Vice Minister of science and technology, the mainland Yin Chun said in his speech, science and technology innovation is the core and key of innovation, both scientific and technological cooperation is represent the general trend, future should be through a variety of ways to enhance mutual understanding, especially to strengthen the innovation cooperation, emphasis on policy research, get rid of the presence of problems and difficulties in the process of cooperation.

    Yin Jun said that the development of science and technology between different characteristics and advantages, not only a good basis for cooperation and fruitful, but the relative requirements of the central and the two hope there is still much room for improvement, we should do our best to carry out scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation more pragmatic, comprehensive and thorough.

    , chairman of Hong Kong SAR government cooperation committee secretary of Hongkong innovation and Technology Bureau Yang Weixiong said that the Hongkong SAR government attaches great importance to the development of innovation and technology, at the beginning of this year, "address" and "budget", invested more than HK $18 billion to promote the relevant measures, expecting to play "needs, the national director of Hongkong" the role of "super contacts" advantage, enhance the competitiveness of Hongkong, contribute to national development.


    meeting in cooperation committee member units were to report about the progress of the work, the two sides discussed on the 2015 – and 2016 – 2016 annual report 2017 annual work plan, and listen to the views of all parties, the formation of a number of useful suggestions.

    ‘s current business background, no doubt to both sides to provide better business development, and further cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the strong support of the government, will let the venture capital can usher in rapid development further, will allow more entrepreneurs to meet their own dreams, it is of great help to the local the economic development.

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