• Open the window shop to make money Curtain shop profits come from

    although it is said that many people now have a great interest in opening a curtain shop, however, such entrepreneurial ideas in the end should not become a real action, naturally also need to consider the market. So, open the window shop to make money? If the curtain shop to make money, then the curtain shop profits come from? Let Xiaobian for you to do a detailed analysis.

    curtain industry to make money?

    for the whole building materials industry, compared with other industries, the development of relatively stable. Other industries such as paint, is severely affected by the impact of the real estate, is experiencing depression and the reform period, and on the other hand, curtain turbulent; development of the industry for decades, technology and products are quite mature, this is one; second, there is no domestic brand "invasion" China, the impact of domestic brands. So the concept of all walks of life, the curtain industry is relatively easy to make money.

    Where is the profit of

    curtain shop?


    curtain shop profits are derived from the fabrics and accessories to make money, there are different prices of different fabrics, low ten blocks up to thousands of dollars, the difference is really loaded mesh tongue. Generally open to the vicinity of the store is a lower price is opened in downtown downtown prices from fifty to hundreds of. Generally, the curtains are usually not very high or even close to the price, some even lose money.

    curtain shop to make money or in the main accessories. For example, lace, curtain cloth, curtain hooks with accessories are in accordance with the calculation of profit is relatively high in rice. Even the curtain with accessories brand, if in accordance with 100 square meters of the house to install a curtain brand, at least to spend more than five thousand to more than ten thousand. Curtain shop can earn about 200% profit.

    now there is a chance to shop?

    a little bit of concern to the industry who have found that in the county, the city may be filled with a window or near the residential market, it is no wonder that in recent years, the curtain industry has a good opportunity for development. For investors will feel the market is saturated, there is no opportunity to shop. In fact, the market is very large curtain shop, the consumer groups faced by each shop are different, as long as there is confidence, focus on the same store to run, beyond other competitors.

    said that although from the analysis of the current market, but to open a curtain shop to make money, the probability is quite large, and no one can guarantee that if you want to open the curtain on a store, we will be able to achieve this goal. But compared to other entrepreneurial projects, the curtain shop is undoubtedly a good choice.

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