• Standard of chain store location

    chain stores and other ordinary shops, like the location is very particular about, if there is anything different, that is, the chain needs to pay more attention to the location of the problem. There is a word called "chain supermarket 3 key success, location, location, or location". Importance of location!

    > analysis for the flow of the results of the survey course, the flow of people is an important factor in stores, but understand the passenger consumption target, is the more important work. To study the effective customer traffic is how much? For example, the Shanghai Yu Garden mall is a set of gardens, temples, as one of the commercial market, the daily traffic of more than hundreds of thousands, but most of the passenger travel, not a customer, tourism and catering consumption target. If you choose to open nearly 10000 square meters of large department stores, it is certainly not, should be expected to predict the effective amount of passenger traffic after the decision to buy.

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