• 2016 Xiamen big data contest

    lives in Internet plus era, in the process of economic development, the emergence of big data, not only can let us grasp the relevant information, but also can effectively adjust the industrial structure according to the data of our! So, 2016 Xiamen big data contest? The following specific understanding.

    2016 Xiamen big data competition " (ABD) in the Lake District, Huli District, Xiamen high tech Park held a grand ceremony. The contest is the Xiamen economic and Information Bureau jointly Xiamen Huli District People’s Government jointly organized organized by Xiamen information industry and Information Technology Research Institute (Xiamen University), Huli District Economic and Information Bureau, hosted the Huli District Office of the streets. Huli Industrial Park Administrative Committee, CCF YOCSEF Xiamen, Xiamen software industry association and other units.

    Deng Jianhua, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of letters

    came to power, about the application of large data and industry policy support and development process in Xiamen. In August 2015, the State Council promulgated the program to promote the development of large data, around " Trinity " clear five goals, the seven measures, the major projects. At the same time, Xiamen also issued a big data application and industrial development plan (2015-2020).

    Xiamen is currently on the one hand, big data has a certain foundation, has initially built government big data sharing resources, the formation of " 123" open sharing pattern, which is a platform (data sharing platform, Zhang Wang (two), the government intranet extranet), three libraries (public library, legal library space, library). In the platform for the establishment of Xiamen also attracted a number of influential big data enterprise root in Xiamen, such as the United States Ya Boke (300188, shares), YLZ (300096, shares), Rui technology, Terry Valley, and other famous enterprises of si.

    27 Xiamen has just set up " Xiamen big data industry association ". Combined with these companies, Baotuan growth. Deputy director Deng also cited Xiamen in this industry: one is the advantage of data integration and sharing, collaborative application has a strong market potential; two is the software park has high speed development is the foundation for the formation of large data ecological system; three is the construction of the core area of Fujian free trade zone and the twenty-first Century maritime silk road.

    the contest is an important measure to implement the national "thoroughly implement and promote the development of big data and the corresponding national action plan" to promote the formation of public information resources sharing and big data industry development of Jin Kang, is to promote the development of big data industry, to promote the application of big data, to create effective industrial atmosphere of big data.

    this contest will effectively promote the joint venture between universities and enterprises in Xiamen, industry and talent docking, joint planning data industry recommend

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