• Sports clothing should be how to join the site

    is now a lot of people’s material life level in the promotion, a lot of people’s consumption concept is changing, the movement of fashion in the market to some consumers, people taste in fashion movement is also more and more high. Sportswear is an essential part of people’s lives. So how to choose the location of sportswear franchise?

    so, the product concept has not yet spread to so detailed and in-depth case, operators should pay more attention to the brand route, and through communication in sales, improve the consumers’ cognition on product. Management is the key – the operation of shops, and can not simply look at a sales amount.

    in the shop before going through the investigation to clear the main consumer groups, and accordingly a combination of goods. After operation, in addition to direct communication between staff and consumers to understand customer needs, but also must analyze and monitor the sales data (timely inventory by system management software), to grasp the focus and trend of sales, so as to provide reliable information for the purchase of next season.

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