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After his third back surgery, Ariz. where they owned and operated a motel They later managed apartment buildings in Grand Forks The couple loved to travel Kramer said and they did a lot of it while visiting the kids and grandkids They only slowed down a bit when Ann Mary needed to undergo dialysis three days a week That lasted 16 years and all the while he was there by her sideSure life was tough at times but he and Ann Mary had a long and happy marriage They worked together laughed together and prayed togetherThen one day she was goneThe affable good-humored senior with a warm touch and ready smile found himself—for the first time in a long time—alone Kramer was the newest member of an ever-growing clubThe statisticsA recent study by SeniorCarecom reports North Dakota ranks first in the number of seniors living alone Nearly a third (3173 percent) of all seniors 65 and older live alone in the state—and about twice as many of them are womenSouth Dakota ranks fourth with similar numbers and Minnesota ranks 12th with about 29 percent of seniors living soloBut even before the latest reports and statistics local elder care experts had been paying attention And they say seniors don’t have to go it alone—there is help out there and a lot of itGrand Forks Senior Center resource manager Joyce Austin and resource coordinator Lynn McGarry say it’s their job to educate seniors and their families about the programs and services available to help them with their everyday lives "We connect seniors with services so they can stay in their own homes as long as they would like to be and as long as it’s safe" McGarry saidIn the month of April alone the pair connected seniors to no fewer than 40 different organizations From taxes to legal questions from sorting out Medicare’s Part B and Part D From health vision hearing and dental care to help with housekeeping chores and assistant technology It’s all there"We want to get people here when they’re active and healthy" explained Jami Schumacher public relations manager at the center "We want to develop that trust with them so they know what services we have when they need them and that we’re here to support them as they age"Losing a spouse is overwhelming enough they said It can leave seniors feeling isolated and lonely And when children live far away and siblings and friends also have died it can lead to depression and spiraling health issuesA study reported in UCLA Health said senior isolation and extreme loneliness can increase the chances of early death by 14 percent Further the study said severe loneliness is just as risky as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and has twice the impact on premature death as obesity One doctor put it this way: "If you are dependent on one or two people for your connections it can be a risky business"Staying connectedKramer is lucky that way He’s active and he has a son in town whom he sees or talks to every day But he says he lost the last of his 15 siblings—a brother four years older a few months ago—and it still weighs heavilyOn a recent visit in the Senior Center library he shares with a reporter a photograph of some of his family on the front steps all those years ago He points them out one by one telling a bit about each before pointing to himself—the small boy in front arms crossed and with a fresh haircut"This is myself" he says And then "That’s my dad They say I look a lot like my dad"The brother he knew longest sits one step up to his left"That’s Eddie He and I were alone for a while Now I’m all alone" he says "Yeah I sort of miss him I was the baby and now I’m the only one alive"Social workers say a loss of companionship or a lack of social interaction along with the additional challenges of health care proper nutrition and transportation can feel like climbing a mountain for some seniorsThat’s where that extra ace can come in handy Kramer’s ace is the Grand Forks Senior Center He and his wife had made it a habit to stop there for lunch or to visit friends A week after she died he returned to the routine and he’s been coming five days a week ever sinceWould he be bored and lonely without it"Boy would I ever" he says "This is my home away from home That’s just an automatic"Now he volunteers as a handyman at the center and he’s "partially the boss of the card-playing deals"He tells this like a joke but it’s true He has been in charge of the card games three days a week for the past eight or nine yearsOn a recent day of pinochle the coffee was on and the treats were spread out Nineteen people had shown up to play Kramer went from table to table to make sure the decks and scorecards were in place"We’ve got good company" he said "You see different people You meet people Being I go home to an empty home I’ve got friends"It’s clear the card players enjoy it as much as he does The sometimes quiet concentration is broken by laughter and good-natured jibing"Are you ready to get whupped" Leona Lindgren asks"There’s knowledge beyond all schooling" Gene Hayes jokes at his table "The BS is deeper here than anywhere in town . I’ve been coming here a few months now and I consider everybody friends"And that’s the view shared by many At the end of the rounds the top score wins $3 but John Stranger says nothing beats the real prize of camaraderie"We bond with each other and we look out for each other" Stranger says "Except in cards we’re kind of ruthless But other than that I really enjoy it and I think everybody does"Deanna Lane adds that she has visited centers in Oregon Utah California and Arizona and she says the Grand Forks Senior Center is "by far the most impressive and most inviting""I brought my husband here 15 years ago and we’ve been coming here ever since even before I was of age" she says with a laughEarly introductionThe pinochle players are exactly the type of seniors the center is trying to attract Schumacher saidOver and over again she hears people out in the community say "’I had no idea the Senior Center did all of that’ Many people think it’s just a place to eat and play bingo and cards And it is that but that’s just the tip of the iceberg"I think we are starting to change our brand our perception in the community but it happened very slowly"Pop in on any given day though and you’d be hard-pressed to believe they aren’t getting the word out The center is filled with activity About 50 people gather for daily lunch in the large open-story main room with its floor-to-ceiling windows A bulletin board announces at least eight trips coming up — among them a trip to Boston or Branson Mo Or closer to home the Medora Musical or the Chanhassen (Minn) Dinner Theatre with a side trip to shop the outlets in AlbertvilleThe Senior Center’s monthly schedule is chock-full of things to do You can take part in the Senior Bike Club roll with Wii Bowling take any number of classes create a craft stretch with Chair Yoga or get some exercise with Bone BuildersNo matter how you cut it Kramer says the Senior Center has been a winner for him"They’ve always got something that’s active I would recommend it to anyone" he says "I would guarantee you would be a customer there for the rest of your life"The newly appointed Theater Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole Major General Hassan Umaru has assured Nigerian troops that their welfare is a major priority towards ensuring their commitment to the war on terror General Umaru who stated this at his maiden press briefing with journalists in Maiduguri said the soldiers had made Nigeria proud and that the Nigerian Army will continue to provide for their need in terms of logistics salaries and allowances Concerned over the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which has affected regular payments of allowances of officers and men of the Nigerian Army General Umaru assured that some mechanisms had been put in place to address the problem He said: “A number of troops have not accessed their salaries and allowances due to the new policy on monthly posting to individual accounts BVN and differences in names of accounts It is an issue that is being addressed” While commending the traditional institutions and the media for their role in sensitizing the public on security consciousness and being their brothers’ keepers he said everyone must be involved in ensuring the success of the counter-terrorism campaign Also speaking the newly appointed General Officer commanding (GOC) 7 Division Brigadier General Victor Ezugwu urged journalists to consider national interest first in their reportage as the media are stakeholders and partners in progress in the war against the terrorists He also appealed to the media to always confirm their reports from the military authorities before going to the press to avoid conflicting reports that could undermine national security In his contributions the Deputy Theater Commander Major General Irabor said the military is determined to completely wipe out the insurgents and urged for the continuous support of the media These days Cinnabon President Kat Cole spends her time running a $1 billion dollar baked goods company but she started out as a teenage daughter of a single mom hostessing at a Hooters restaurant to make money during high school By 19 Cole had mastered all the different jobs at Hooters so she was sent to Australia to help open a new location there and that’s when her career took off Cole says there are people who think “there’s no way a 19-year old gets that opportunity she must have been sleeping her way to the top” Besides the fact that the accusations are ludicrous (and all five of Cole’s bosses at Hooters were women) Cole says those kind of charges are just another example of why we need more women in business “What’s sad about this is that you have so few examples of women moving up so the only way to fill in the gaps is filth” she says Take Our Poll: What Does Success Mean to You Cole 36 moved to the Atlanta-based Cinnabon in 2010 where she now oversees one of the world’s most famous bakery franchises with more than 1100 locations So what kind of advice does Cole have for other women who want to climb the corporate ladder 1) Inspire your staff: Cole attributes much of her success as a manager to her ability to make her staff feel confident “I help people realize they’re capable of more than they know and I do this in three ways: by being positive and hopeful by creating comparisons and by getting my hands dirty” She says she has a basic knowledge of how to do every job at every Cinnabon so she knows where her staff is coming from 2) Get the full picture: Cole says the people outside the corporate offices often have valuable insight “I ask the same two questions of the staff in every Cinnabon I visit: ‘What do our guests ask for that we don’t have’ and ‘if you could what would you change about this company’” 3) Solicit feedback: “Use your empathy as your strength It can help you understand the lens through which others see you…Whenever I leave a meeting I pull one person aside and say ‘Give me one thing that I could have done differently to be more effective’” Cole says that specific wording is very important: it shows an openness to learning it limits the advice to ‘one thing’ it asks for a suggestion instead of a criticism and the phrase ‘more effective’ is much more neutral than ‘better’ 5) Get good intel: Cole has some ingenious tactics for taking the temperature of her colleagues during meetings or conferences “At breaks I would go sit in the ladies room stall and listen to the conversations because sometimes I learned about dynamics I hadn’t known about before” Even the smallest thing could be helpful even something as simple as grumbling because the presentation is going on for too long “Information is power and it allowed me to be a more effective facilitator” 6) Don’t wait for the right time to speak up: Holding back in meetings is something men don’t think to do Cole says “Only women would think a thought and then think ‘when is a good time to say this’” Cole says she once refrained from speaking up about a reservation she had about a project and it ended up costing the company a lot of money After that she promised herself “I will never be in a room where someone was paying me for my brain and not bring my whole self We’re not going to leave the room until I’ve shared my thought” But how can you steer the conversation if the moment to speak up has already passed Cole says it’s simple “I say ‘before we leave I’d just like to add one thing…’” in order to bring the conversation back on track 7) Celebrate failure: Cole says she encourages her team to focus on what they learned from mistakes not what they lost by making them She does this by saying things like “thank goodness it happened with a 5-state deal not a 50-state deal” to focus on the lesson not the damage She says this encourages her team to take risks because they know they’re allowed to fail sometimes 8) Focus on doing your job not whether people like you: Cole says one of the mistakes she made early in her career at Hooters was allowing a restaurant manager to get away with some incorrect protocol at his location even though her job was to inspect each restaurant to make sure everything was consistent “My desire for him to like me and trust me outweighed my commitment to doing my job” she said The very next day her supervisor visited the location and realized she hadn’t inspected properly “I don’t pay you to be nice I pay you to do your job” he told her 9) Don’t waste energy worrying about being the only woman in the room: She tries not to think about it “My body and brain was better used focusing on work” she says but she also thinks it’s important for women to have many examples to look up to She notes that our brains light up when we see people like ourselves “That’s why we need more diverse stories told” she says “We need more examples of the different paths to success” Write to Charlotte Alter at [email protected] Angeles:The Charlotte Hornets led by Dwight Howard’s 29 points shocked the NBA champion Golden State Warriors 111-100 on Friday in Oakland California Howard who added 12 rebounds and seven assists led six Hornets players in double figures as Charlotte notched just their third away victory of the season and avenged a 101-87 home loss to the Warriors on December 6 Charlotte Hornets’ Dwight Howard and Frank Kaminsky celebrate a score against the Golden State Warriors AP The Warriors conceded 46 points in the paint and an even more damaging 18 turnovers that led to 32 Hornets points "They took it to us" said Warriors coach Steve Kerr "They totally outplayed us" Kevin Durant scored 27 points for Golden State and Klay Thompson playing in his 500th NBA game added 24 Draymond Green struggled with his shot but handed out 16 assists with 11 rebounds to go with his eight points But the Hornets reserves outscored the Warriors bench 39-27 Reserves Frank Kaminsky and Jeremy Lamb produced nine points in an 11-0 scoring run early in the fourth quarter that stretched Hornets’ lead from 84-81 to 95-81 The Warriors wouldn’t get the deficit under double digits from there The brightest note of the day for Golden State was the word that two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry is expected to play on Saturday against the Memphis Grizzlies "I would say most likely he’ll play" Kerr said "I talked to him today and he was feeling good" Durant said the Warriors weren’t the same without Curry who has missed 11 games with a sprained ankle "We’re going to definitely be a different team when he comes back" Durant said Reeling Rockets The Washington Wizards handed the Houston Rockets a fifth straight defeat with 26 points from Otto Porter fueling their 121-103 win Bradley Beal added 21 points for Washington and Kelly Oubre Jr scored 10 of his 21 in the fourth quarter — when the Wizards turned a nine-point lead into a rout James Harden paced the Rockets with 20 points Chris Paul returned after missing three games with a thigh injury but couldn’t reverse the Rockets’ fortunes "They made tough shots but our defensive pressure was not where it needed to be" Harden said "Not just tonight but it has been like that on our little skid so we just have to get back to our basics and get back to what we know how we know how to play and we will be good" The Milwaukee Bucks ended the Thunder’s six-game winning streak with a 97-95 victory in Oklahoma City — but Giannis Antetokounmpo’s game-winning dunk in the final second sparked controversy when replays appeared to show him stepping out of bounds No whistle was blown on the play so officials said they could not review it and when Thunder star Russell Westbrook missed a desperate long-range effort as time expired the Bucks’ win was in the books "I guess we’ll see something on the ticker that says the referees missed that one" said Oklahoma City’s Carmelo Anthony who could be seen arguing with officials after the buzzer "We can’t do nothing about that at this point so we might as well forget about it and move on" Antetokounmpo who took an inbounds pass and drove past Oklahoma City’s Josh Heustis before rising over Westbrook for the decisive dunk said he didn’t realize he might have stepped out of bounds "Coach trusted me having the ball late and making that play and do what I do best and go to the rim and try to make it happen" he said Three-point barrage In Chicago Rookie Lauri Markkanen scored a career-high 32 points and Nikola Mirotic came off the bench to add 28 for the Bulls in a 119-107 victory over the Indiana Pacers The Bulls tied a club record with 18 three-pointers The Dallas Mavericks drained a franchise record 22 three-pointers in their 128-120 victory over the Pelicans in New Orleans Rookie guard Dennis Smith Jr notched the first triple-double of his NBA career scoring a team-high 21 points with 10 assists and 10 rebounds there’s no way to stop crazy people from doing crazy things, Minnesota and Wisconsin. hes giggling with you.twitter The Plight of the Youngest Refugees Contact us at [email protected] In August This photo taken on Sept back in the bad old days we argued that Russia would do better under capitalism; well and the trio had much more immediate things to do today than argue over a bit of land by the Black Sea and "rightfully so reveals that the pasttimes typically associated with adolescence 82 countries have outlawed homosexuality and same-sex marriage with majority of them in Africa Featured Image Credit: Deadline News Topics: News Uk newsEthiopia’s Council of Ministers has endorsed the inclusion of same-sex marriage and homosexual offences among the list of “unpardonable’’ laws in the country and this will undoubtedly rile BeijingS Bashorun Adekunle Oladeji has debunked reports that the popular Bodija market would be closed for two days in order to perform some rituals Oladeji said the statement was displeasing and false in its entirety which has an indeterminate number of total of indoor columnsAfter teasing a major announcement with a series of performances on Facebook Live since Monday in announcing his veto who is only 4’8″ Being holders of the U-17 and U-20 World Cup means very little if the success is not replicated at the senior levelbright for the Three Lions while half have high cholesterol levels made by Novartis Special Counsel Robert Mueller will surely be looking into whether the dismissal rises to the level of obstruction of justice or whether other crimes were committedcom when she is expected to take with her busloads of MLAs to show that she has their supportreached a fever pitch on Thursday as senior AIADMK leaders — Madhusudhanan and Pandian — threw their entire weight behind caretaker chief minister O Panneerselvam’s camp Yet Museveni simply put together his own group of scientists “who reviewed our material and came to exactly the opposite conclusion Cochran says Complacency is dangerous a self-proclaimed workaholic Akpabio Bukola Saraki Wednesday declared that his occupation of the office of the presidency of the Senate was not ceded to him by the ruling All Progressives CongressReal Madrid suffered a backlash on the field rather than from an expected hostile atmosphere amid political turmoil in Catalonia as they slumped to a shock 2-1 defeat at Girona on SundayGirona:A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has ordered the investigation of former Governor of Edo state Comrade Adams Oshiomhole Justice Anwuli Chikere on Tuesday directed that Oshiomole now the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC be served with an application brought before the court by an anti-corruption crusader Bishop Osadolor Ochei seeking an order of mandamus compelling the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC to arrest and commence criminal proceedings against Oshiomhole over allegations of financial fraud The Judge also ordered that the anti-graft agency be also served with the court process stressed that the service be done within five days from October 9 2018 when the order was made Bishop Ochei’s counsel Dr West-Idahosa while arguing a motion ex-parte filed in Suit No FHC/ABJ/CS/628/ 2018 urged the Court to allow Oshiomhole and the EFCC who are the respondents in the suit to file a reply to the weighty allegations made against them by the Applicant in support of the Federal Government’s anti-corruption fight The exparte motion followed Bishop Ochei’s petition to the EFCC on October 28 2016 against Oshiomhole who was governor of Edo state from November 2008 to November 11 2016 Dr Idahosa in praying the court to grant the request of his client referred the court to 86 exhibits filed in support of the application and added that there are documents and electronic pictures of palatial houses of the former governor whose earnings all his life cannot acquire and that there are evidence on how Oshiomhole allegedly diverted money for Edo state project to personal projects The Counsel added that there are vouchers of exorbitant airfares that the former governor incurred stressing that the amount of the airfares are enough to buy air carrier for Edo state people He said there are receipts of how the ex-governor used huge amount of money of the state to repair his private vehicles and urged the court to grant the relief of his client saying that EFCC has arrested and prosecuted lesser crimes and there is no reason why the anti-graft agency should ignore the petition Justice Chikere adjourned till 23rd October 2018 for arguments from all the parties in the matter Bishop Ochei in the motion wants the court to declare that the anti-graft agency has the statutory duty to investigate and prosecute the former governor upon his allegations against him in line with the Act establishing the commission The allegations bother on the diversion of Edo state fund by the former governor now the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to his personal use In an affidavit deposed to personally by the applicant he averred that in view of the fact that corruption has become a societal ill which has eaten deep into the fabric of the society and there is the need for the EFCC to take complaints against corrupt practices serious He said he has severally complained to the EFCC about allegation of corrupt practices against Oshiomhole without eliciting any response or interest by the commission According to him “On May 4 2012 one Matthew Edaghese sent a petition to the EFCC complaining that while serving as governor Oshiomhole built mansions on a huge expanse of land worth more than N10 billion in excess of the former governor’s legitimate means of income as governor ”That EFCC did nothing about the petition” Bishop Ochei stated and added that he had in 2016 petitioned against Oshiomhole’s corrupt practices without any action by the EFCC He accused the former governor of corruptly enriching himself with the fund of the Edo state government The volunteers were participating in a Feed My Starving Children MobilePack event Plastic bags were filled with rice soy for protein dry vegetables and other ingredientsEach bag is enough for six meals and the Grand Forks organizers anticipated packing bags for more than 400000 meals by the end of the weekend said Jodie Storhaug co-chair of the Greater Grand Forks Feed My Starving Children MobilePack eventDonations for the event came from churches businesses schools and service organizations in the community Storhaug saidNationally nearly 800000 MobilePack volunteers packed more than 64 million meals in 2015 according to the Coon Rapids Minn-based organization” and specifically mentioned cancer screenings.

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