• How to achieve long run tea franchise

    although tea has always been a very important kind of drink in China, however, with the development of the times, the traditional tea franchise business if you do not break, I am afraid it is difficult to get better development. So, if you want to open a tea shop, you also need to master more business strategy, so as to achieve long-term operation of the store. However, the tea shop how to achieve long-term operation?

    tea industry known as Lvjinzi reputation, has also attracted many investors and entrepreneurs in the eyes. With the improvement of people’s economic level and the strengthening of health awareness, the choice of tea brand management has become a hot investment projects. Join the myth of mid stage, some ending, but most of it is a tragedy, tea franchisees also retreat. So, the operator in the choice of tea brand in the process should pay attention to what? How to ensure the successful operation of tea shops, lasting profit?

    1, abandon a variety of business models

    is perhaps the only selling tea has been difficult to make money, or to expand the facade, a lot of tea to join the store not only Hawking tea, put more tea, pearl and jade, alcohol and tobacco, which is a kind of consumption mode, but to give consumers a bad impression, not professional.

    tea in the store, the specification of tea products directly affect the quality of the consumer’s perception of the tea store. Different types of tea and tea related products must be reasonable display. The first is to do a good job classification, such as tea, green tea, black tea, tea area. Followed by the grade, in order to allow consumers to see at a glance, it is best to put the tea in the various areas of the introduction, highlighting the main characteristics of tea.

    if you can extend to the overall layout of the better. If you are allowed to join the tea area, the economic strength to keep up with the best tea, tea, tea as one. A few paintings hanging on the wall, indoor top Jipen bonsai, the original wooden table, wooden chair, table a elegant tea set. The timing of a few art performances, but also long-term performance, or the establishment of Zheng, guqin playing classical music. The tea, tea and so on with your shop outside the structure, so that the display of goods consistent. Constitute a pleasant, relaxed and three-dimensional picture, give the customer a kind of feeling, but at the same time reflect the order, and not chaos.

    2, can not only sell tea does not sell services

    hot summer, hot weather always makes people unable to lift the spirit of the crowd come and go, always make people feel tired. At this time some tea shop staff will inevitably be lazy phenomenon, to mention disinclination, leader of the manager or supervisor is a store manager, as a leader to lead to employees, establish the work model in the clerk, and positive publicity, let the staff together.

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