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Oumanski for TIME You Asked: What’s the Best Way to Whiten My TeethFormer One Direction band member Niall Horan has lent his support to the Yes campaign fighting to repeal the eighth amendment of the Republic of Ireland’s constitution and legalize abortion in a referendum taking place Friday In a tweet which received more than 26000 likes within an hour of it being posted Horan encouraged the people of his native country to head to the polls and vote “Cmon Ireland This is your day to make another great decision Please do right by the great women of our nation” he wrote Horan who has more than 40 million Twitter followers has generally refrained from publicizing his views on the abortion referendum debate and other political issues Many Twitter users seemed surprised to see him weigh into such a polarized issue “Thank you so much for using your platform and tweeting about this” responded one “Thank you I don’t think you understand how much this means that youve tweeted about this” added another It is unlikely that Horan himself will be able to vote in the referendum as he has been living abroad between London and Los Angeles for more than 18 months Cmon Ireland This is your day to make another great decision Please do right by the great women of our nation ㇋0;㇊6; Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) May 25 2018 Horan is not the only celebrity who has added their voice to the Yes campaign fighting to #repealtheeighth Despite not being Irish citizens Emma Watson Russell Crowe Chelsea Handler and Courtney Cox are among the scores of stars who have made their opinions known A vote for the freedom to choose a vote for women’s rights a vote for women’s control over their bodies a vote for women’s health & safety a vote towards equality Thinking of Ireland #together4yes #repealthe8th https://tco/CDNj9KoSGt Emma Watson (@EmmaWatson) May 24 2018 I have two beautiful sons I wasnt lucky enough to have a daughter If I had Id wish her to have courage like yoursNobodys daughter should ever be told she doesnt have authority over her own bodyThis video is the beginning and the end of the debate #yes https://tco/YeV9s7NmRy Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) May 24 2018 To the country of Ireland who is voting tomorrow on making abortion accessible and safe for women get out the vote #RepealTheEighth #Together4Yes your voice matters your vote matters and you dont have Russia making your decisions Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) May 25 2018 Repeal the eighth!https://tco/tW8fW3ArA3 Courteney Cox (@CourteneyCox) May 9 2018 The May 25 referendum announced in September by Prime Minister Leo Varadkar will determine whether or not Ireland repeals its constitutions eighth amendment which gives an unborn fetus and its mother "an equal right to life" A Yes vote will pave the way for more liberal legislation Write to Kate Samuelson at [email protected] in his campaign to become Ukraines President Petro Poroshenko promised to sell off his business empire to concentrate on the task of governing Among the first to go for Poroshenko the billionaire who was elected last weekend will be his mammoth confectionary company Roshen which earned him the bulk of his fortuneas well as his nickname The Chocolate King But to the frustration of many supporters in Ukraine and in the West he has refused to sell his most prized asset: the television news network Channel 5 Although former staffers there say he never interfered in editorial policy media watchdogs have grown concerned about possible conflicts of interest "If Mr Poroshenko intends to sell his assets in my view his TV station should be the first to go" says Dunja Mijatovic the top official for media freedom at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe or OSCE an intergovernmental body that monitors censorship elections human rights and conflicts around the world "It is my firm view that elected politicians should not own and control media outlets in their country be it Ukraine Italy or any other so as not to use and abuse them to serve their political goals” she added in a statement to TIME At a news conference marking his election victory on Monday Poroshenko addressed the issue of his business holdings which have been a sticking point in his campaign from the beginning The regime of his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in February partly because of the fortunes his family amassed while in office Poroshenko pledged Monday to break from that practice and "lay a new tradition" in Ukrainian politics one that would ensure a leader "gets rid of his business sells it and concentrates all of his energy all of his time on serving the people" But in the same breath Poroshenko said Channel 5 would not be sold Asked to explain this decision he said: "First of all its because Channel 5 has never been sold and will not be sold" Its coverage of both of Ukraines post-Soviet uprisingsthe Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Maidan revolt that toppled Yanukovych this winterhas been "exceptionally important" Poroshenko added "Sometimes Channel 5 criticizes me even more harshly than anyone else" Many in Ukraine would dispute that not least of all the pro-Russian separatists who have taken control of large parts of the countrys eastern regions Some of the fiercest battles the rebels have waged against Ukrainian police and security forces have been over control of local television towers Their aim in seizing these massive antennas has been to beam in Russian state TV which Ukraine has tried to block from the airwaves as a source of Russian disinformation and propaganda The scramble to claim these broadcast frequencies has amounted to a war for hearts and minds Yet in many cases the rebels have allowed some Ukrainian networks to stay on the air in the parts of Donetsk they control "Let the people compare" says Pavel Mikhalev the main broadcast engineer for the separatist forces in that region (Apart from manning the TV tower control rooms he also runs a rebel radio station on the frequency 905 FM) "Let the people use their heads and see whos telling the truth" he tells TIME But his tolerance for Ukrainian coverage of the conflict does not extend to Channel 5 which he took off the air as soon as his comrades seized the Donetsk TV headquarters in late April "Thats because theyre intolerable" he says of Poroshenkos channel "Theyre just bald-faced liars" This aversion to the networks coverage is at least in part rooted in historical associations Channel 5 emerged as one of the most popular news sources in the country a decade ago when it threw its support behind the pro-Western leaders of the Orange Revolution of 2004 The channel was only a couple years old at the time "full of young crazy people with very little TV experience" says one of its first senior editors who spoke on condition of anonymity "When that revolution broke out we went into a non-stop marathon mode round the clock coverage We became the mouthpiece of the Orange cause" Poroshenko who was then a member of parliament entered into an alliance at the time with the leader of the Orange Revolution Viktor Yushchenko who went on to become Ukraines President in 2005 Poroshenko then served in top posts during Yushchenkos tenure including stints as Foreign Minister and chairman of the central bank Under the presidency of Yanukovych who was elected in 2010 Poroshenko also briefly served as Minister of Trade and Economic Development All the while he maintained ownership of his businesses including the chocolate factories and Channel 5 Like Poroshenko himself the channels coverage has always been staunchly in favor of Ukraines integration with the Westa position that earned it the ire of millions of people in eastern and southern Ukraine where people tend to favor closer ties with Russia For the past decade viewers in these regions have had the option of simply changing the channel tuning into one of the Russian news networks that were accessible across Ukraine instead But in March when the Russian military occupied Ukraines Crimean peninsula the interim government in Kiev banned the transmission of all Russian channels as a threat to national security Poroshenko has been a firm supporter of this policy from its inception arguing that Russian propaganda is at the root of the separatist rebellions in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk During a television appearance on May 12 he even demanded that the Ukrainian security services take more drastic measures to keep local TV towers out of separatist control "Rig them with explosives if you have to" Poroshenko said "No matter what we cannot allow this poisonous Russian propaganda across all of Donetsk and Luhansk That is what creates big problems" Though extreme this approach to information policy was not Poroshenkos invention Taking its lessons from Ukraines experience with separatist rebels the Central Asian dictatorship of Uzbekistan which is also home to a large population of ethnic Russians reportedly ordered all TV and radio towers to be rigged with explosives last month But while Uzbekistan is an autocratic hermit state Ukraine is a pluralistic democracy with the aim of joining the European Union so its policy of banning foreign TV channels has already raised concerns about media freedom Mijatovic the journalism watchdog at the OSCE criticized the practice in a 14-page report on media freedom in Ukraine on May 23 "No matter how loud and outrageous certain voices are they will not prevail in a competitive and vibrant marketplace of ideas" she wrote "Therefore any potentially problematic speech should be countered with arguments and more speech rather than engaging in censorship" Prominent Ukrainian journalists have also spoken out against what they perceive to be the erosion of journalistic standards particularly at Channel 5 During the election campaign the network gave its owner abundant air time while skimping on coverage of his rivals wrote Sergiy Leshchenko one of Ukraines top investigative reporters in a recent piece of media criticism "Of course Poroshenko as the boss can use his property however he sees fit" he wrote But then he cannot claim to be any different from Ukraines other oligarchs "who see the media as an instrument of political battle" Leshchenko added The rebuke seems unfair to some of Poroshenkos former employees who note that within two years of creating the channel he signed an agreement with the editorial staff banning him from exerting any influence on its coverage "We never felt any interference at least while I was there" says the former editor who worked at the channel throughout the Orange Revolution These days the supporters of that revolution primarily the younger more progressive voters of western and central Ukraine form the core of Poroshenkos electorate "And don’t forget this is also the main audience of Channel 5" says Taras Berezovets a political consultant in Kiev "Owning that channel allows him to maintain the connection with his base" Yet as Berezovets points out there has never been a President in Ukraines history who directly owned a major media outlet let alone one of the countrys most popular TV channels "But this is his favorite toy" Berezovets says "And if he ever does agree to sell itwhich I doubtit will be the last thing he ever sells" Contact us at [email protected] I began to fancy us as dark horses, File picture of Mesut Ozil.He also posted a picture of him wearing the mask with the joint on his Facebook page and wrote, They were later dubbed "World Cup martyrs" by the local press. they had much money, especially in the time we were not so good.. and Donzell Washington,A security source told SaharaReporters last night that over 40 suspected terrorists allegedly of the Boko Haram stock have surrendered themselves to Joint Task Force (JTF) in Mubi He also charged experts in the sub-sector to come up with various innovations that will provide opportunities for small and medium scale businesses to access required funds for growth. who is 37 and has a small business providing electric generators.

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