• Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Youth Service Center in Beijing to start linkage three youth entrepreneur

    young entrepreneurs want to go on a long and sustainable development, the need for continuous opening exchanges. Beijing, Tianjin and three have been in a common economic and political circles, the joint venture to promote youth exchanges in the three places, will contribute to the overall improvement of the quality of local entrepreneurs.

    the Communist Youth League Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Department Minister Zhang Qingwu fully affirmed the work of the Communist Youth League of Hebei in Beijing in recent years to carry out the work of the committee. He pointed out that the Youth Service Center of Beijing Tianjin Hebei is starting to implement the central Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy is to strengthen the planning requirements, three youth, three enterprises, an important measure for young entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs interact, hope the three can share resources, common policy, talent sharing, harmony development.

    it is reported that the Youth Service Center of Beijing Tianjin Hebei to start in Beijing for the youth to participate fully in the success of innovation entrepreneurship employment guide and provide a full range of services, for three of Tianjin youth entrepreneurship enterprises to build a communication platform, docking channel resources, to jointly promote the innovation and entrepreneurship work together to achieve the integration and development.

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