• How to choose a suitable project catering business

    now, choose to engage in the business of food and beverage industry franchisee has been very much. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship we choose to enter the catering industry, is a very wise choice. So, how to find suitable for their own brand food and beverage to join the project?

    how to choose a suitable catering venture

    1, the industry is very deceptive

    some catering business projects, huge crowds of people on the surface, high gross margin, generally 60-70%, because the rent, labor, utilities Bu, business tax, equipment depreciation decoration, in fact, pure interest rates so that good fortune 20%, generally about 15%.

    2, taste very critical

    choose catering business projects, the taste must be the first. There is no secret people don’t say a dumpling shop like dumplings, rice like Yoshinoya, steaming than real Kung Fu, such as delicious pizza hut. Yoshinoya in order to protect the secret, even the soup ladle is made of small package material transported from Japan, even do not know Chinese Yoshinoya composition and ratio.

    3, don’t trust your eyes too much

    sometimes you seem to be doing a good job in the restaurant business, and maybe in the off-season business will go down, unless you plan to work for 6 months in a year. Such as ice cream, drinks and so on. Zhiyingdian street in Beijing, in the winter time when the door is closed too, because not enough money wages and hydropower, rather than open rent loss.

    In fact,

    choose to start a business of their own brand of food and beverage stores, is the best choice for our business. As long as the above points, we have no choice!

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