• Fruit supermarket franchise chain business inventory

    fruit supermarket chain stores are very popular in the market, operating norms, quality assurance, consumer confidence to buy, businesses also make fun. If you want to invest in the project can be a lot of visits, understand the management of attention, can not be missed.

    The advantage of


    to make money?

    two, fruit supermarket chain store opened in the

    where the good?

    (1), community shops community shops open fruit supermarket franchise stores will become one of the biggest potential types of stores, which have formed a consensus in the fruit industry. In general, the scope of sales activities of fruit stores usually have a certain geographical boundaries, because the community is relatively fixed. Choose the community shops is the basis for the reasonable location of the fruit store, it contributes to the development of business strategy, business strategy can be successfully used to lay a solid foundation for improving fruit store, store the image, create and promote specific customer needs, establish a mutual trust relationship with customers. To do business in the hearts of customers, so that they are willing to become repeat customers, which is the root of the community fruit store business strategy.

    (2), the supermarket supermarket shops are often accompanied by the residential area and has the advantage of gathering popularity. Many supermarkets will stall the fruit of foreign investment in the way of operating, operating in the supermarket fruit counter than the independent shops, the cost is low, flexible operation, so the risk is lower. However, the city is relying on the fruit counter is produced by the supermarket, the supermarket will have a direct impact on the quality of supermarket fruit counters profit. Therefore, the choice of the strength of the supermarket operators or has established a good reputation of the supermarket, will play a multiplier effect. But some of the supermarkets there are some traps in the investment, because there are many shopping malls to collect fees, no experience and market cooperation, we must ask before signing the contract, talk about the cost and amount of the contract. This article from the money idea network.

    (3), to investigate how fruit supermarket chain stores, business survey options, although business attributes are not the same, but still find answers from the following rules. 1 Flow: ordinary, holiday and day, night to person ratio. 2 traffic: bus, private car traffic. 3 traffic conditions: current and future transport may increase or decrease. 4 road conditions: size, one-way street, double lane and parking problems.

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