• Divide food spring festival feast what tricks

    can be said that the Spring Festival is the last year of each shop last year of hard work and the beginning of the new year, by any one of the owner’s attention. It can be said that the Spring Festival is a happy feast for retail households. Of course, if you want to get from the people on the water feast, a piece of pie, for more, do not use your head, with the point of marketing strategy, is not afraid. In recent years, my business is doing well, is by virtue of long-term business accumulated some tips for small strokes, Fengnianguojie tested, annual work.

    mining focus: "cigarette" was often described as emotional ties at the beginning of the new year, people always love to meet others pick up, handed him a cigarette and then a habit; Bridal friends on a cigarette. As a result, friendship, feelings get promotion and sublimation in the aroma of gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Every year before the Spring Festival, I have "cigarette" as the purchase varieties in seriously, and the combination of the traditional Chinese "culture", actively advance in tobacco companies on the platform, the first order of cigarette packaging red festive color, Ming Huang Fugui.

    and auspicious "Double Happiness", "Fu card", "your smoke" name brand of cigarettes and luck; meaning you peace, blessing the new year was the "Taishan" brand series of cigarettes. Because I have carefully prepared specific, so it can fully meet the consumer’s shopping psychology, corresponding, as these people love cigarette sales, at the same time also pull the other goods we store the joint sales.

    introduction: sticky off to the Chinese new year, whether we still have to buy some small, special purchases for the Spring Festival more or less. Exaggeration to say: this time period, any pedestrian on the road, may be a potential wealth. To send this money, it depends on what kind of skills we use, how to pull them into the store. A few days before the Spring Festival every year, I began to play a decorated, sensational music in front of the supermarket, warm and festive scene, passers-by think does not smell, don’t see it difficult.

    at the same time, I have a strong win, supplemented by the store on gifts, shopping and prizes propaganda. "Don’t buy things into the store have a gift", this recruit temptation is too strong, let all people through my door, my heart will have a if not into the store to see, there might be some regrets idea.

    limited time limit: the customer is stuck into the store, some people will look around it, not necessarily all come in to buy things to buy, maybe he brought a small gift, but also to other stores parity purchase. In order to seize the customer, sticky results, I almost before and after the Spring Festival every day, will launch a special offer of goods limited, limited supply, so that the customer has no immediate plans to buy goods, produce a kind of tension, it’s out of pocket Time will never come again. immediately, consciously or unconsciously, in my the store will buy back all or part of special purchases for the Spring Festival >

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