• Acura praise the new policy of good life people preach mission vivid about life changes

    to meet the eighteen victory of the party held in November 6th, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organized the Xining city "to celebrate the eighteen Acura, good policy, praise new life people preaching activities, 12 comrades to specific people and events highlight the brilliant achievements since the Party Congress made the industry reflect, as well as good policy for the party great changes in the lives of the people.

    the propaganda activities designed to further mobilize the enthusiasm of the grassroots cadres and the masses, to the people’s perspective, the language of the masses, the story happened in the side of the story, to publicize the party’s policies, to further build a strong party, the people love the great love of the great motherland, a common ideological basis for building a better home. According to the theme, the District Committee Propaganda Department actively organize people to carry out propaganda mission personnel selection and recommendation work, every comrade made up, with full enthusiasm, positive writing notes, earnestly preaching exercise. It is understood that from the more than 20 preachers selected 12 comrades attended the lectures, and to participate in the selection of the preachers grassroots party members and cadres, teachers, medical workers, retired cadres, community residents, they through recalling history, achievements, changes, then talk about feelings, in plain view, people discourse about experience, kiss, kiss for vivid story, happy new life praise, praise the party’s policy of benefiting. These comrades through the layers of selection has also been appointed to celebrate the eighteen Acura, good policy, praise new life people preaching activities of members.

    it is reported that this event will be the party’s eighteen big victory held as an opportunity to in-depth study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen focus on promoting the people preaching activities, enrich the public members of the team, rich propaganda theme and content, according to the basic needs of the masses, in batches organization personnel to go to the countryside, preaching community grass-roots organs to carry out propaganda activities, and through the people preaching activities and improve their ability and level of self education, self improvement. (author: Chen Yu)

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