• 600 tons of cheap aquatic products on the market

    Adequate security, this winter and spring Xining aquatic products market supply price stability, to meet the needs of the daily life of the people of Xining city based on January 6th, transported 80 thousand tons of fresh vegetables, 600 tons of frozen aquatic products from Fujian and other places to transport, cheap sales way supply 21 point of sale.

    these products on the water, by the Xining market supervision and management, business development and reform, and the district government on network management and price supervision and inspection of the implementation of direct car, seriously dealt with the non implementation of Huimin prices and not the price tag, Quejinduanliang, shoddy, sell large and other illegal acts, the maintenance of market order.Deputy general manager of Xining city investment and construction of

    "for the upcoming holiday market center, in addition to parity transported 600 tons of aquatic products, also transported 80 thousand tons of vegetables, 50 kinds of vegetables on the market supply, prices rose a larger long pepper, eggplant, tomatoes and other larger market demand, production base and distribution center to take marketing docking, transportation organization the following 10% floating vegetable wholesale prices to the city held a" food retail business card "cheap sales." Sun Pei said.

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