• Xining north and South green area has a quantitative assessment of work standards

    reporter from the Green North Mountain headquarters office was informed that, at present, North Green Mountain headquarters has issued the "north south mountain green area target quantitative assessment standards", from this year, our province will be in Xining City, "two mountains" green area work according to the standards for quantitative examination.

    provincial Party committee and government in March 1989 to implement the decision of the north and South Mountain greening project in Xining, followed by the north and South have set up 117 green areas, by the 168 units and individuals responsible for contracting barren hills and green. Over the past 20 years, in the specific deployment of the provincial government under the leadership and command of the north and South Green Mountain, Xining district cadres and workers and promote hard work, self-reliance, perseverance, difficulties in the spirit of the one or two green mountain south to complete the more popular project according to planning requirements, and achieved fruitful results. As of now, North and south two mountains and one or two green project planning a total area of 94 thousand acres, has been fully completed the task of afforestation, were planted all kinds of trees more than 7750 lines, the survival rate reached more than 85%, the preservation rate reached more than 80%, the forest and grass coverage rate of 62%, the forest coverage rate increased from 7.2% to 14.6%.

    in order to further promote the "two mountains" greening work, consolidate and expand the green achievements, give full play to the two mountain greening benefits of ecological protection, city landscape benefit and ecological construction demonstration benefit, North Green Mountain headquarters issued the "north south mountain green area assessment objectives quantitative standards", supervision and inspection, to the north and South Mountain quantitative assessment of green units. According to reports, the quantitative standard is divided into 9 items, out of the score of 80 points, the other set up a weighted score of 20 points, the other is the score of 36 points. (author: Zhang Haihu)

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