• Qinghai Belt and Road nitiative striding into the world

    March 28th, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued to promote the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century vision and action. Since then, "The Belt and Road" is a programmatic document. How to take the "The Belt and Road express, will be in Qinghai" The Belt and Road construction advantage into power? Improve cooperation mechanism, implement cooperation projects, accelerate the construction of international marketing network……" In March 30th, the reporter learned from the commerce department, this year, our province will accelerate the business sector "The Belt and Road construction from six aspects, to allow Qinghai to stride towards the world.

    Belt and Road Initiative this year has taken new steps

    [] improve the cooperation mechanism of economic and trade cooperation framework signed Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and other countries government departments, to carry out regular exchanges, exchange information, and jointly promote the economic and trade cooperation agreement. Continue to hold a roundtable on economic and trade cooperation along the Silk Road, deepen cooperation mechanism, expand cooperation areas.

    [] to speed up international marketing in Central Asia Kyrgyzstan Bishkek City, South Nepal Kathmandu, West Iran Tehran city completed China (Qinghai) International Exhibition and special commodity marketing center; Islamabad China expand South Pakistan silk and Qinghai Muslim products international marketing center scale; increase and expand the Muslim Middle East and Southeast asia;

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