• Xining 100 million yuan of special development funds to help SMEs in the 207

    December 24th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission learned, carry out "from Xining this year, to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities since, Xining city has for national and provincial SME development funds 108 million yuan to support the project required 207 small and medium-sized enterprises of construction, for these enterprises to "Yufeng", to help enterprises wings.

    It is reported that

    , the development of special funds, there are 59 companies received a discount of 29 million 540 thousand yuan of funds, 95 enterprises to obtain 53 million 300 thousand yuan of free funds, 35 enterprises to obtain funds to support the local characteristic industry 18 million 200 thousand yuan, 18 enterprises to obtain the service system of enterprise business subsidies 7 million 600 thousand yuan. Relevant staff of the Economic Commission of Xining City, in order to better service, helping small and medium-sized enterprises, for Xining city to take "enterprise policy" and "merge", the enterprises are facing problems and bottlenecks, refine the classification, do a special investigation, summary, functional departments work together with entrepreneurs and find a way out a breakthrough in efficient and orderly administrative environment, will maximize the value of enterprise products. In helping enterprises in Xining also focus on helping with innovation ability and independent research and development capacity of enterprises, some new energy, specialty products, handicrafts enterprises to obtain the "new feather", have the ability to fly, looking forward to the new year to fly. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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