• Huangzhong County, Xining, relying on the development of Xining food basket

    this year, Huangzhong county vegetable planting area of 131 thousand acres, is expected to total 320 thousand tons, of which 16 thousand and 300 greenhouses in the total production of 85 thousand and 500 tons of vegetables, the effective supply of the capital market in Xining.

    three ring Xining city Huangzhong County in accordance with the "relying on Xining, Xining, security of supply and service providing leisure" ideas, optimize the layout, improve the level of standardization, accelerate the implementation of a rural one, one village one product base construction, increase the basket construction efforts, at present, more than the county, acres of vegetable greenhouses the vegetable production base of more than one hundred large-scale vegetable production base 84, the overall formation of the West and valley water area chuanny Nachuan as the core of the agricultural areas and facilities of town, new town as the focal point of the vegetable industry zone, which is the county town of the Chinese cabbage planting industry town. An area of 16 thousand acres. Republic of Suhl Kyrgyzstan village Party Secretary Su Shengcheng introduction, 303 villagers in the village of 70% of the villagers engaged in cabbage, baby vegetables, radish planting, planting area of up to 1685 acres, mainly sold to Xining.

    at present, the county has been identified as pollution-free and green area of 118 thousand acres, certification of pollution-free vegetable varieties of 22, green vegetable varieties of 6. Promotion of standardized production of bio pesticides and other key technologies 12, an area of 60 thousand acres. The establishment of the Swiss green vegetable production, Surgy pollution-free production of Chinese cabbage, Shenbei Anfu agricultural facilities, agricultural facilities such as Ji Jia Gaoling vegetable standardization and vegetable standardization demonstration base 5. Has built a green plateau, DOPA cool vegetables base 5 years, fresh turnover amounted to 150 thousand tons, built Sujier, ban Zhong camps of origin market 4, registered trademark of 9 vegetable products. The Swiss green vegetables standardized production base of people Dou Hu told reporters that the responsible government, in steel, plastic, plastic film, vegetable seed, fertilizer and other aspects of his business building 100 nursery greenhouse base provides help, now, every day to the city of Xining transportation base of Chinese cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables and baby food, nearly 5 tons. (author: Zhang Duojun Su Feng)

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