• Hengnuo, air purifier headquarters support a full range of join in

    air pollution problems, has been very disturbing our normal pace of life. As we demand for healthy life gradually improved, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join in, Hengnuo air purifier project, is very powerful choice!

    With the deterioration of people’s living environment, many people’s health has been affected by

    . So how can we ensure that our health and healthy air? This requires the help of indoor environmental products! Zhongke Hengnuo air purifier has successfully solved the indoor environment pollution, and create a healthy air to breathe! Then joined the division Hengnuo air purifier project, investors can get what support?

    1, brand support: mature market operation, brand promotion, management philosophy, business philosophy for the agents, CIS unified culture, store design, operation process, sharing brand resources, grasp the successful experience of success.

    2, marketing support: for each agent to discuss the body to do marketing programs, from the opening to the opening of the nanny throughout the whole process.

    3, training support: management of agents, technical services, related knowledge training, for each family of Hengnuo air purification services agencies to create a good team, to provide services.

    Department of Hengnuo air purifier to join the project selection, simple ways to join with the strength of the brand, always attracted our attention. The best choice for business with a small capital entrepreneur, Zhongke Hengnuo air purifier to join, are you ready?

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