• County Health and food and Drug Administration successfully completed the June six, the opening cere


    to ensure that the 2012 third Qinghai China classic mountain flowers during the opening ceremony and forum of modern agriculture and rural world conference CCTV column activities of food safety, from July 18, 2012 to 22, the county health and food and Drug Administration in accordance with the "third classic mountain flowers during the food safety and medical treatment security work plan" in time, 8 law enforcement officers were stationed on centralized dining flowers ecological garden restaurant, serene dining club and Shuo Bei Xiang drug maker Taiwan village 3 villagers home were stationed supervision. Focus on dining sanitation, tableware disinfection, food (raw materials) procurement, practitioners of personal hygiene and food safety knowledge in the supervision and inspection of dining venues, operation places and external environment were focused on the mosquito flies. In accordance with the "major event catering service food safety supervision and management norms" requirements, the same restaurant responsible for the signing of "food safety responsibility undertaking", fill in the "more than 100 people dining table", filed on the production of all food varieties were carried out according to sample (sample 48 hours). No food safety incidents occurred during the event, the successful completion of a major event during the food and beverage safety protection work.


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