• 145 road interface hardened

    In December 9th, the reporter learned from the municipal inspection chamber, effective curb dust, I constantly increase road hardening efforts, as of now, in the urban area a total of 145 implementation of hardening of the road connecting junctions, an area of nearly 30 thousand square meters. It is reported that the city through the control of muck vehicles and urban roads sweeping water cleaning, some of the key road dust pollution situation has been improved in the short term. And combined with the winter climate characteristics, from November 11th to stop the road cleaning operations, according to the temperature of the district on the key sections of the appropriate water spray operation. Acquisition of spray dust suppression vehicles and sanitation equipment, the first batch of 8 spray dust suppression vehicles were allocated in November 30th, the 18 sanitation cleaning vehicle bidding work has ended, is expected to be put into use in December 15th. Up to now, the city has implemented a total of 145 road junctions, with an area of nearly 30 thousand square meters. Cumulative hardening of large parking lot 41, closing 4.  

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