• Huangyuan trade union work so that employees satisfied

    December 4th, Huangyuan County union tenth congress convened, the reporter learned from the meeting, Huangyuan county since the Ninth Congress of trade unions, the county labor unions at all levels to actively respond to challenges, the overall situation, relying on the masses of workers and service wholeheartedly, the masses of workers, labor movement and trade union work to a new level. Get the recognition and praise of the masses of workers.
    is five years, Huangyuan county closely around the county’s trade unions at all levels of the overall situation of reform and development, give full play to the advantages, as the initiative in promoting economic and social development, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers, helping hard workers, promoting the democratic management of enterprises, improve the overall quality of the staff has done a lot of very fruitful work, and achieved fruitful results. Five years, Huangyuan county established grass-roots trade union organizations in 687, the development of 37 thousand and 600 members; female employee organization 560, female 11 thousand and 300 members; auditingcommissionsshall 560; "three committee" coverage and staff membership rate reached 100%, respectively, more than 5 years ago, an increase of 51% and 21% were organized to carry out; all kinds of labor competition and technological innovation activities 30 times, to participate in job training, energy conservation, technological innovation of the staff of 15 thousand passengers; safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, to assist in the handling of debts wages of migrant workers 73 cases, totaling 6 million 500 thousand yuan of wages of migrant workers and migrant workers, involving more than 960 were built; helping poor workers Station (point) 36. Establish a difficult employee files 3037 and 8857; in the "two" warmth activities of the CPC in helping unemployed workers, difficulties and migrant workers to 3175 households, issuing condolence payments 1 million 540 thousand yuan; Students admitted to the college more than 200 poor families in the "student" activities, issuing grants 485 thousand yuan; payment of workers "gold" 280 thousand yuan; actively carry out the female worker "love action", a health examination of more than 4000 female workers, 16 thousand yuan relief funds for the 8 difficulties of female workers the release of medical life; to provide employment assistance to more than 500 of urban employment difficulties.


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