• Huangyuan green building activities to achieve new results

    Recently, the provincial civilization office, the provincial Environmental Protection Office, the provincial education department, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the inspection team, the provincial "green school" in Huangyuan county and provincial reporting to create a "green community" to conduct a comprehensive inspection and acceptance

    recently, by civilization office, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, "nofollow" > composition of the inspection team, the Huangyuan county to declare the creation of provincial "green " and the provincial "green community" conducted a comprehensive acceptance check. Acceptance group by field observation and access to information on the creation of green Huangyuan County fully affirmed. After the review, Huangyuan County, second primary schools, wave center school, the sun and moon center school was named provincial green school, South Lane community was named provincial green community". As of now, the creation of provincial "green school" 19, 3 "green community", 1 Ecological Demonstration towns, ecological demonstration village of 4; the municipal "green school" in 25, "green community" 2.



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