• Hundreds of slaughtering enterprises across the province

    During the

    Festival, to ensure that people eat meat, "healthy meat", the Provincial Department of Commerce and the provincial animal husbandry department, the provincial public security department and other departments of the inspection of meat quality and safety of livestock and poultry slaughtering hundreds of Xining, Haidong region, the province’s slaughtering enterprises can do safety and quarantine slaughter.

    it is understood that the inspection does not say hello, do not listen to the report, on-site inspection. Key check before slaughter, slaughter, slaughter after the inspection, quarantine and inspection records; "Clenbuterol" the proportion of sampling, recording and filing; inspection personnel to perform their duties; responsibility, quality and safety of meat production safety responsibility system for the implementation of the main business.

    During the

    Festival, Xining, Haidong two cities in various slaughter points, pigs, cattle and sheep slaughter volume increased by 1/3. In the middle a slaughter, slaughter workshop lights, the staff in order to busy, although it is early in the morning, but the inspection personnel braved the cold, doing the slaughter in strict in demands, the post-mortem inspection project, seriously implement the slaughtering operation norms, strict meat hygiene quality of each link off. For slaughtering enterprises about the transfer of agricultural sector supervision of this change, the inspection team requested Xining, Haidong city two commercial departments at all levels should perform its regulatory functions, and strengthen the daily supervision measures, do not place the meat quality and safety incidents, no regrets supervision period.


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