• Datong County to carry out food safety seminars into campus activities

    Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Datong County in June 21st, the first female special tal food safety related knowledge to carry out activities on campus, which opened a prelude to the campus food safety regulation.

    the day of the lecture scene brought together more than 300 teachers and students, and received more than 300 copies of promotional materials. Datong Industrial and Commercial Bureau legal professional staff to explain in detail the purchase of food must be "six do not buy", students should pay attention to the purchase of food, in the daily life of 10 adolescent knowledge of food safety and consumer disputes how to safeguard their own interests and other related topics.

    lecture content appropriate to the reality of primary and secondary school students, teachers and students generally praised. The school conducted a full recording of the lecture, said it would expand the teaching and learning aspects of the teaching points in the Tulsa campus. (author: Yang Jie)

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