• Due to disability and so on three years Xining judge to help end compensation

      who is disabled after Zhao did not get compensation, waiting for three years, and finally in the city intermediate people’s court judges help got 300 thousand yuan compensation, Zhao one family cried.

    6 years ago, Xiao Zhao was hired as a mechanic lift elevator company in Qinghai Province, during a routine elevator maintenance work, Zhao was seriously injured: thoracolumbar fracture and spinal cord injury paraplegia, constitute two disabled. Paralysis of the lower limbs of the small Zhao lost the ability to work, life can not take care of themselves, in order to give physical and mental damage to the small Zhao to see a doctor, Zhao’s family spent all their savings.

    thought it was hurt in the work, Xiao Zhao found the company hopes to be able to compensate for his medical expenses, but the company refused for a variety of reasons for the requirements of zhao. In order to safeguard their rights and interests, three years ago, Xiao Zhao decided to use the legal means of the city intermediate people’s court to seek justice for themselves. After hearing the court verdict, Zhao is an employee of the company, he is in the company to work due to accident damage, the company should bear the medical expenses and the later Zhao’s treatment costs, the final judgment of the court of the company for 300 thousand yuan zhao. But after three years to get the verdict, the company to avoid hiding and other means of confrontation, always does not perform the court’s judgment, so that the implementation of the work into a passive situation. In the case of Xiao Zhao, the city intermediate people’s court executive organization personnel, investigation clues, vigorously implement the final 300 thousand yuan will be paid to the implementation of the victim in the hands of Zhao, to protect the interests of creditors.


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