• Hot issues of urban water supply a reporter asked

     : reporter: what is the current urban water supply management approach in the city? Xining water (Group) limited liability company official reply: "management measures" Xining city water supply in August 6, 2012 eighth Xining municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted, implemented since October 1, 2012. Reporter: what is the significance of the implementation of the management approach? Xining water (Group) limited liability company official reply: in order to strengthen the city water supply and water management, the development of city water supply industry, protect the city water supply water safety, promote water conservation, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of users and water supply enterprises, according to the "People’s Republic of China water law", "People’s Republic of China water pollution prevention law", "Regulations", "city water supply Qinghai Province, drinking water source protection ordinance" and other laws and regulations, with the actual city, the enactment of this approach. Reporter: which users need to apply for water companies or audit? Xining water (Group) limited liability company official reply: new city public water users, apply for temporary water users, increase water use and reconstruction of water supply facilities, shall apply to the city water supply enterprises, at the same time provide near and long-term water supply plan and related information and audit by the city water supply enterprises. Reporter: on the water pressure exceeds the city water supply service pressure of the user how to do? Xining water supply;

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